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NFC (Near Field Communication) Infographic

September 1st, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

NFC rumors has designed a massive NFC Infographic to show (some of) the many different usages of NFC and the impacts NFC may have such as:

  • NFC Services in hotels, taxis, ticket offices…
  • NFC gadgets: routers, wireless speakers, headphones…
  • NFC Marketing: tags, business cards, smart posters…
  • 1/5 of smartphones will be NFC-enabled by 2014
  • NFC may have a positive environmental impact as it decreases the number of paper receipts.
  • NFC Business Case: Exponential growth expected in the next few years
  • NFC in tablets
  • NFC and social network
  • NFC would allow unbanked consumers in developing countries to use electronic payment more easily.
  • etc..

See the infographic below. Click for a larger image.

Frictionless NFC Infographic (Click to View Larger Image)

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