Pogoplug Mobile: NAS for Mobile Devices

Cloud Engines is at IFA 2011 introducing the Pogoplug Mobile, a linux based NAS products specifically aimed at smartphones. It has a USB port to connect mass storage devices as well as a SD Card slot and an Ethernet port.

Pogoplug Mobile NAS for Mobile Phones

There are 2 main use cases:

  • Streaming: With a hard drive connected to the device (NTFS, FAT or other file systems are supported), you can stream music or video to your device from any place in a world as long as you have internet connectivity via 3G or Wifi.
  • Media Upload: You take pictures or shoot videos with your smartphone and can upload them unto your hard drive via Pogoplug Mobile.

To do those 2 tasks you’ll need to install an app on your iPhone or Android device.

When you stream videos to your smartphone, the device will transcode the video to a format adapted to your smartphone, so that if you have a 1080p 40Mbit/s video store in your hard disk, you would still be able to watch it on your mobile via internet.

The same thing happen with picture and video shots, the high resolution picture is uploaded to the Pogoplug Mobile but a lower resolution (configurable) is sent to the smartphone.

You can now pre-order the device for 79.99 USD, 56 Euro or 76.34 GBP online, but they will only ship it to the US starting on the 1st of October.

There is no information on Pogoplug Mobile hardware, but it probaly uses a Marvell (ARM Core) processor as the first Pogoplug device does. Software developers can make use of Pogoplug API (web development) or modify the program in the device that runs Linux via an SSH connection. There is also a Pogoplug development community (Pogoplugged) that works on adding features to the device such as P2P support.

Checkout the interview (and demo) below at IFA 2011 by Charbax.

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