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Beyond NFC Payment: Other NFC Use Cases

November 16th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

During CarteS event, NXP has uploaded a video on YouTube showing several NFC applications that are not directly used for payment.

Lock your motorbike with NFC Technology

NFC-enabled Motorbike

In the video below, you’ll see several such applications including:

  • Smart Advertizement: shopping advice, movie promotion, travel info and game
  • Smart Meter for meter reading and real-time power consumption monitoring via an Android device
  • e-Passport with NFC Technology for faster immigration procedure.
  • Secure Online Authentication
  • NFC-Enable motorcycle to prevent theft
  • NFC-enabled figurines to interact with video games.
  • Authentication to unlock door, laptop and more.
  • Gesture enabled smart card where you can use gesture to sign your own card and enable/disable it.

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