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Android on Meego, Tizen, Linux, Windows, WebOS, QNX, Bada, SymbianOpenMobile World Wide Inc. is demonstrating its Application Compatibility Layer (ACL) technology, capable of running Android apps on non-Android devices at CES 2012 in Las Vegas.

The company claims that their solution brings more than 300,000 Android apps to device running on other platforms. The technology allows OEMs of Tablets, Set Top Boxes, smart TVs, Netbooks, In-Vehicle Infotainment devices and more to provide users access to a all Android applications.

OpenWorld ACL technology currently works on tablets, STBs and netbooks based on MeeGo, WebOS and Ubuntu. The company also plans to make the technology available for Tizen, Windows, Bada, QNX, Symbian and more.

The company claims 100% compatibility for Android apps including those developed using the Android Native Development Kit (NDK). The ACL layer is said not to drain the device resources at all. Device power and memory will be unchanged.

Here are the Key Benefits of ACL according to OpenMobile:

  • ACL destroys the App barrier
  • ACL is 100% compatible
  • ACL delivers native performance
  • ACL requires zero developer effort
  • Differentiate and drive margins

and Key Features

  • Full speed 3D graphics via OpenGL
  • Android multimedia compatibility
  • Security and sand-boxing, keeping apps in their place
  • ACL is not virtualization or emulation, it integrates the Android application run-time into the native target OS.
  • Apps install and launch in their native environment
  • Complete integration of task management
  • ACL delivers completed integrated task management. Complete compatibility with Android inter-process communication, enabling multiple apps and
    middleware to work cooperatively, as in the native Android environment.
  • Android’s Java base and UI classes. A full set of Java base classes and Android-specific classes and APIs, as in the native Android environment.
  • Supports Android API Level 4+, NDK6+

OpenMobile ACL is reserved to OEMs, so if you are a developer or end-user you won’t be able to purchase it.

OpenMobile is not the first company trying to run Android apps on different OS, Bluestacks has its own platform allowing to run Android applications in Windows XP and Windows 7.

You can see a demo of ACL running Android applications in Meego below. It seems sluggish at times, but this was shot in September 2011, so the performance may have been improved since then.

Further information is available on OpenMobile Products page.

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