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Opersys Releases Their Android and Linux Training Materials

Opersys has decided to release their courseware under a Creative Common license (CC-BY-SA 3.0).

The materials are available in PDF and ODP format for the following classes:

  • Embedded Android – 5-days hands-on class covering Android (AOSP) for Embedded Systems (not only smartphones and tablets)
  • Android App Development – 5-day class to learn how to build your own Android Apps using Google’s SDK
  • Embedded Linux– 4-days hands-On class learning about cross development, the kernel, the rootFS and the bootloader
  • Linux Device Drivers– 3-days hands-on class about modules, locking, interrupts and memory management, as well as  char, block, network and USB drivers training.

You can freely use this material to learn more about Android and / or  Linux yourself, or you can also check out Opersys if you want to attend training sessions during their planned events or on-site.

  1. YP
    November 24th, 2014 at 13:12 | #1

    Hi, I found your website is very useful for learning embedded linux. Thank you very much for sharing many information. and today I just want to download embedded android development & android app development, but for these 2 topics seems have same link. I think there was a mistake when linking the android app development material.

  2. November 24th, 2014 at 13:46 | #2

    I’ve updated the post with the right links for Android app development. But these are a bit old (2012), even on Opersys site, so these may not be the best resources for developing Android apps.

    Embedded slides have been updated (in 2013), so possibly better – http://www.opersys.com/training/embedded-android

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