Mentor Embedded Linux Kits for BeagleBoard and PandaBoard

Mentor Embedded has recently released free Linux Kits for the BeagleBoard (TI OMAP3) and Pandaboard (TI OMAP4) low cost development boards.

Both Mentor Embedded Linux (MEL) kits include:

  • Mentor Embedded Linux Lite, a pre-built Yocto-based distribution, including libraries and headers
  • A Linux Board Support Package (BSP) for your reference board
  • A pre-built filesystem for the target
  • Sourcery CodeBench Lite for application development
  • Installation / Application Development Guides
Mentor Embedded Linux Development Tools

Since Mentor Embedded provides the “Lite” version of their kits, some of the tools mentioned in the diagram above (e.g. Codebench IDE,  System Analyzer…) are not available in the free kits.

After free registration, you can download the 2 kits on Mentor Embedded website:

and you’ll have access to 3 downloads:

  • Mentor Embedded Linux Kit Installer
  • Quick Start guides
  • Source files which are optional.

You can get support for the kits via Mentor Embedded Linux mailing list.

More information (including Quick Start guides and MEL datasheet) is available on Mentor Embedded Linux Kits page.

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