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Android Kernel Source Released for HP TouchPad

February 10th, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

The CyanogenMod team has been working on an Android port for the HP TouchPad for a while, and although good progress has been made, the firmware is still considered alpha due to issues with hardware and driver support. There are 2 versions: CM 7 (Alpha) with Android 2.3 and CM 9 (Alpha) with Android 4.0. The CM7 version is more complete and stable than CM9.

The Android port might be sped-up as following pressure from the developer community, Hewlett Packard has released the Android kernel source and some other GPL packages modified for the HP TouchPad. Apparently, HP used those for factory testing.

The source code is available on github at https://github.com/dalingrin/hp-kernel-tenderloin/tree/hp-topaz-android

“green” user at rootzwiki built the kernel binary which is available at  http://crimea.edu/~green/TP/oss-db910-QC1065-Kernel.tar.bz2

They also have the source code for:

Apparently all components needed are available, except the wifi driver (Atheros AR6003), which HP may also release a bit later as it might also be covered by the GPL license.

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