Adapting Your Network Code For IPv6 Support – ELC 2012

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Mike Anderson, CTO and Chief Scientist at The PTR Group, discloses how to bring your network code up to speed for IPv6.


IPv6 support is no longer a “sometime in the future” thing. We’ve exhausted the IPv4 address space and need to start transitioning our code to support IPv6. But, is this a big thing or a little thing? This presentation will outline the typical changes that need to be made to networking code to support IPv6 and describe transition strategies to enable use in a dual-stack environment. The target audience for this presentation is developers who want to take advantage of the new IPv6 address space. This presentation is targeted at intermediate-level developers with some understanding of the IP protocol stack.

You can also download the presentation slides on

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[…] I'm not sure I understand the question. If you want to know what to look for when writing/updating applications using IPv6 in Linux, you can check the video (shot at the Embedded Linux Conference this month) and slides at…port-elc-2012/ […]