ARM TechCon 2012: Software & System Design Schedule

ARM Technology Conference (TechCon) 2012 will take place on October 30 – November 1, 2011, in Santa Clara, and UBM Electronics has already posted the detailed schedule for the event. The first day (October 30) will be Chip Designs day  and the other 2 days will focus on Software & System Design. Even if, like me, you are not be able to go there, it’s still interesting to know what will be discussed at the conference, to have a better idea where ARM is going, and what new technologies and/or development techniques are (or will become) available.

There will be around 70 sessions categorized in 15 tracks:

  • Android / Open Source –  Development tools, middleware for native application development, and optimized drivers for Android, Linux, FreeRTOS etc …
  • Compute Platforms – Development and implementation of standards and specifications, from board/module design to consumer and server designs
  • Developing / Debugging – Programming and debugging for ARM, power optimized software across multicore platforms where processing is shared across different size processors and GPUs.
  • Keynote
  • Low Power Design – Development and use of hardware and software techniques to maximize performance while reducing power use and trade-offs.
  • Microcontroller & Programmable Platforms – Specification and design of off-the-shelf devices, development tools and systems which simplify programming and application design. Design and use of embedded cores on FPGAs.
  • Multimedia Processing: Graphics, Audio, Video – Graphics, Audio & Video Designing for and exploiting Mali GPUs, and software optimized 3D graphics middleware,  video engine architecture and audio processing.
  • Networking & Connectivity – Hardware and software integration of wired and wireless connectivity, implementation of networking stacks and power management.
  • Safety & Security – How to develop secure services within TrustZone, development of firmware for safety and security against tampering in hardware and/or software, physical or network interference.
  • SoC Architecture & Analysis – Architectural choices, IP integration issues, and system analysis.
  • SoC Design & Verification – Design and verification flow for ARM processor-based SoCs, from conceptual frameworks to best practices
  • SoC Design for Power & Performance – Techniques that can be used to match performance or power targets
  • SoC IP – IP qualification process and some novel new alternatives in IP for ARM processor-based SoCs.
  • Software Optimization on ARM-Powered Systems – ARM code generation and profiling tools, methods and metrics to measure performance and identify bottlenecks. Examination of system and hardware issues and their impact on performance including use of software with big.LITTLE.
  • The Fundamentals of ARM

The “Chip Designs” tracks are the one starting with “SoC”, all other tracks will take place during the “Software & System Design” days.

Here’s the schedule for Software & System Design events on the 31th of October.

10:30Software Optimization on ARM-Powered Systems
10:30Hardware/Software Co-design – Mistral Solutions Pvt LtdLow Power Design
10:30Introduction to ARM – ARM The Fundamentals of ARM
10:30OS Porting and Analysis for Dual-Core ARM Cortex-A9 Based Systems – ImperasDeveloping / Debugging
10:30New Approach to Near Field Communication – AltiMegaNetworking & Connectivity
10:30Systemwide Security and the TrustZone Ready Program – ARMThe Fundamentals of ARM
11:30A Beginners Guide to ARM Microcontrollers – ARM The Fundamentals of ARM
11:30Avoiding Multicore Race Conditions in Linux/Android – The PTR Group Android / Open Source
11:30Iterative Optimizations for Common Workloads on ARM Servers – CanonicalSoftware Optimization on ARM-Powered Systems
11:30Practical Cortex Debugging: Serial Wire Viewer, ETM, and PTM Tracing – ARMDeveloping / Debugging
11:30Trusted Execution Environment and Virtualization: Similarities and Differences – Trusted Logic MobilitySafety & Security
11:30Wireless Connectivity for the Internet of Things – AvnetNetworking & Connectivity
13:30Advanced Compiler Optimizations for the Smallest, Fastest Code – Green Hills Software Software Optimization on ARM-Powered Systems
13:30ARMv1 to ARMv8: The evolution of an Architecture – ARM The Fundamentals of ARM
13:30Java SE Embedded Development on ARM Made Easy – OracleDeveloping / Debugging
13:30Maximize 4G-Network Performance through Advanced Packet-Processing Solutions and Multicore-Software Optimizations – 6WINDNetworking & Connectivity
13:30Security Architectures for Mobile Platforms – AuthenTecSafety & Security
14:30Application Parallelization for Multicore Android Devices – Vector Fabrics BVSoftware Optimization on ARM-Powered Systems
14:30Developing Safety Critical Applications that Meet IEC 61508 Standards Using cSoCs with Embedded ARM Cortex-M3 and FPGA – MicroSemi Corporation Safety & Security
14:30Embedding TCP/IP: Working Through Implementation Challenges – MicriumNetworking & Connectivity
14:30Improving the Speed and Debug Ability of Emulation/Prototyping Phase of ARM SoC Development – Cadence Developing / Debugging
15:30An Overview of CMSIS-RTOS – Feabhas Ltd.The Fundamentals of ARM
15:30Meeting Smart Energy Profile 2.0 Compliance: Developing Power-Aware Embedded Systems for the SmartGrid – Mentor Graphics Safety & Security
15:30Multicore Development Challenges in Embedded Space – Freescale Developing / Debugging
15:30Toward a Coding Standard for the ARM Architecture – ARMSoftware Optimization on ARM-Powered Systems
15:30Transitioning from IPv4 to IPv6 – The PTR GroupNetworking & Connectivity

Here’s the schedule for Software & System Design events on the 1st of November:

10:30Advances in big.LITTLE Technology for Power and Energy Savings – ARMCompute Platforms
10:30Analysis of Software-Driven Power-Management Policies Using Functional Virtual Platforms – Cadence Design SystemsLow Power Design
10:30ARM MCUs: The Chorus Line of Microcontrollers Ready for Off-the-Shelf Programming – Strategy Sanity Microcontroller & Programmable Platforms
10:30Introduction to OpenCL Programming for ARM CPUs and GPUs – ARM Multimedia Processing: Graphics, Audio, Video
10:30Port Your Operating System to Cortex-A – VU University AmsterdamAndroid / Open Source
11:30Audio Synthesis and Dynamic Filtering in Real Time with Linux and Assorted Open-Source Software on Cortex-Ax-Based Hardware – Embedded ArtisanAndroid / Open Source
11:30Designing Your System for High Reliability – Green Hills Software Developing / Debugging
11:30Power Optimizations in System Design from Core DVFS Control to Peripheral Power-Aware Drivers – Embedded Artisan Low Power Design
11:30GPGPU on ARM – The PTR GroupCompute Platforms
11:30Small Footprint Java-Based GUI Design for Cortex-M Processors – IS2TMicrocontroller & Programmable Platforms
11:30Take GPU Processing Power Beyond Graphics with GPU Computing on Mali – ARM Multimedia Processing: Graphics, Audio, Video
13:30Accelerating Multimedia Performance of Your ARM Processor with a Coprocessor – XilinxMultimedia Processing: Graphics, Audio, Video
13:30Achieving Maximum Motor Efficiency with Dual-Core SoC FPGAs – Altera Microcontroller & Programmable Platforms
13:30Low-Power-Design Techniques for Microcontrollers and Embedded SoCs – ARMLow Power Design
13:30Patterns for Machine-to-Machine Solutions with Cloud – IBM Compute Platforms
13:30Porting Linux to Emerging ARM Server Systems – Red Hat Android / Open Source
14:30Early Bring-Up and Optimization of Android Stacks for ARM big.LITTLE Processing – ARM Android / Open Source
14:30Exploring and Developing with ARM Cortex-M4F Microcontrollers (with Floating Point) – Texas Instruments Microcontroller & Programmable Platforms
14:30Low-Power and Multicore Processing: Optimizing Performance and Power with Programmable Systems – XilinxLow Power Design
14:30Taking Advantage of Quad ARM Cortex A-9 CPUs and ARM Mali GPUs for Rich Graphical Effects – Mentor GraphicsMultimedia Processing: Graphics, Audio, Video
14:30ULP-COM: Ultralow-Power Modular ARM Implementation – KontronCompute Platforms
15:30Algorithmic Acceleration of Processing Systems Using High-Level Synthesis – Xilinx Microcontroller & Programmable Platforms
15:30Building a big.LITTLE Processing and Mali Compute Subsystem: An Overview from Linux to GDSII – ARMCompute Platforms
15:30Get Up and Running Quickly with Embedded Vision Using OpenCV on Android – BDTIAndroid / Open Source
15:30Implementing Software Methods To Manage Power Usage in Battery-Powered Embedded Devices  – Mentor GraphicsLow Power Design
15:30Safety Features and Standards for Cortex-R Processors in Embedded Systems – ARMSafety & Security

Compared to last year, new subjects have appeared such as big.LITTLE processing and GPGPU which have only been recently available with Cortex A15/A7 cores and Mali-T6xx GPUs, and this year there will be talks about ARM servers and M2M & the internet of things.

If you would like to go to ARM TechCon 2012 and attend any of these sessions, you can register online. You could also pay onsite, but this is usually more expensive.

Super Early
Ends 6/30
Early Bird
Ends 9/7
Ends 10/29
10/31 – 11/1
All Access$899$999$1,099$1,299
2 Day Pass$699$799$899$1,099
1 Day Pass$399$499$599$799

It’s too late for Super Early discount, but you can also use the promo code “TWITTER” to get 15% discount. [Update: If it does not work, you can try to use “LINKEDIN”]

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Nikolay Nikolaev
Nikolay Nikolaev
9 years ago

“Early Bird Ends 9/7” – that would be September 7, so still not late 🙂

Pretty interesting topics, lets hope they will publish some videos.