ISEE is Working on IGEPv5 Board with TI OMAP 5 and Needs Your Feedback

ISEE IGEPv2 is a low cost development board based on TI DM3730 (Cortex A8) that is relatively popular with the development community, used by Free Electrons for their embedded Linux training courses, and part of a List of 39 Low Cost Linux Friendly Boards and Products I published earlier this year.

Yesterday, Michael Opdenacker,  founder of Free Electrons, wrote a blog post saying ISEE was working on IGEPv5 development board based on Texas Instruments OMAP5 dual core Cortex A15 processor that can run up to 2 GHz, supports DDR3 RAM, full HD 3D recording, and 4 displays and cameras simultaneously among other things.

This is still early development and the board exact features have not been defined yet. ISEE is actually looking for the community feedback to provide the best board possible and you can leave your inputs and expectations by commenting on Free Electrons blog. You could have a look at Samsung Arndale development based on Exynos 5, also a dual core Cortex A15 SoC, or possibly one of the 6 OMAP 5 modules coming early next year to to get some ideas to make ISEE IGEPv5 an affordable solution that provides for the needs of many in the developer and maker community.

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Seems like their website is down.
I keep getting a 403: forbidden.

ISEE Communication Depart.

@Nextron @cnxsoft

Dear Sirs,

Whatever you need from ISEE, you can contact to ISEE support in the following ways:
Disqus (forum per product) – Zopim (real time chat) – IGEP Community Chat and also the others supports, e-mail-ISEE forum etc…

We will be glad to answer all your questions,



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