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Free Electrons Releases Embedded Linux Training Materials

Free Electrons, a technology company offering embedded Linux consulting services as well as embedded Linux training, has released their training materials for Linux and system development for embedded systems including their Lab sessions.

The training materials are available in their git repository in LaTeX format.

If you want the latest documentation in PDF, you’ll need to build it by following those steps:

  1. Install the required packages:
  2. Get the embedded Linux slides source:
  3. Build the training materials:

The last three commands will generate the PDF files respectively:

  • full-sysdev-labs.pdf – Embedded Linux Training Lab Book (58 pages) with instructions for the IGEPv2 board based on on TI DM3730 or OMAP3530.
  • full-kernel-labs.pdf – Linux kernel and driver development training Lab Book (37 pages)
  • full-sysdev-slides.pdf – Embedded Linux system development presentation slides (506 pages)

Free Electrons also have slightly older version of full-kernel-labs.pdf and full-sysdev-slides.pdf available for download as PDF so that you don’t need to build the documentation.

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    For Fedora, the command is :

    sudo yum install git dia inkscape texlive–scheme-full python-pygments

    Best Regards,

    Guillaume FORTAINE

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