Coocox Embedded Pi is an STM32-Based MCU Board That Connects to Arduino Shields and Raspberry Pi

Embedded Pi is a platform capable of interfacing the Raspberry Pi with 3.3V and/or 5V Arduino shields, based on an 32-bit ARM Cortex M3 STMicro STM32 MCU. It can also be used in standalone mode as an Arduino compatible ARM MCU evaluation board.

Embedded Pi Hardware Specifications:
  • MCU – STMicro STM32F103RBT6 Cortex M3 @ 72MHz with 20KB SRAM and 128KB flash.
  • Raspberry Pi Connector with I2C, SPI, UART, PWM and GPIOs
  • Arduino Interfaces – 1x SPI, 1x I2C, 4x PWM, 1x UART, 6x Analog Input
  • Extended Interfaces – 1x SPI, 1x I2C, 1x UART with flow control, 2 pairs PWM, 6x Analog Input, and 1x CAN
  • 3 Power Sources – Micro USB port, external DC adapter, and 5V from the Raspberry Pi
Embedded Pi Block Diagram
Depending on the jumper placement on the Embedded Pi, you can select each of the three modes of operation:
  • STM32/Standalone Mode – The Embedded Pi works as an Arduino form factor compatible mother board where the STM32 controls the Arduino shields directly without the use of Raspberry Pi.
  • ST Adapter Mode – The STM32 controls the Arduino shields, and the Raspberry Pi works as the GUI or command line console to send commands/data to and receive data from the STM32.
  • Raspberry Pi Mode – The Embedded Pi works as a hardware connection bridge between Raspberry Pi and Arduino shields, allowing the Raspberry Pi to interface directly with existing Arduino shields.

Development can optionally be done using Coocox development tools such as CoIDE that works with Windows XP SP3/Windows Vista, and Windows 7 computers.

Embedded Pi can be purchased for $34 on Newark/Element14 website. However, if you plan on using it with the Raspberry Pi and Arduino shields, this new board competes directly with the single board solution provided by UDOO boards, which costs only slightly more than an Raspberry Pi + Embedded Pi solution.

Further information is available on Coocox Embedded Pi page.

Via Micro4you Studio Facebook Page.

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2 Replies to “Coocox Embedded Pi is an STM32-Based MCU Board That Connects to Arduino Shields and Raspberry Pi”

  1. Any idea about shipping charges? (There doesn’t seem to be a way to check them without registering…)

    Anyway, since this is a Chinese product, it could end up on DX etc 🙂

  2. @onebir
    Element14 is a pain for that, so I normally use the White House address with a test credit card to find shipping information, but all I get is:
    “Your tax and shipping charges are currently not available. These charges should appear on your order confirmation email and/or invoice.”

    It’s kind of funny they basically say: “you have to purchase first, and we’ll tell you the shipping charges later”.

    Embest is part of Element14, so I’m not sure it will end-up on DX or Aliexpress.

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