Matricom G-Box Midnight MX2 Android TV Box Review

Matricom sent me one of their latest G-Box Midnight MX2 media player based on AMLogic AML8726-M6, with 1GB RAM, 8 GB flash, running Android 4.2, and with full support for XBMC. This is an update of the G-Box Midnight based on AML8726-M3 which supports XBMC in Android, as well as XBMC Linux thanks to community builds.


  • SoC – Amlogic AML8726-MX Dual Core Cortex A9 CPU + dual core Mali-400 GPU
  • System Memory – 1GB DDR3 RAM
  • Storage – 8GB Flash + SD card slot (Up to 32GB)
  • Video Output – HDMI v1.4, composite (CVBS) and component (YUV)
  • Audio Output – HDMI, AV, and SPDIF
  • Connectivity – 802.11b/g/n internal Wifi + 10/100 Ethernet Port
  • USB – 4x USB 2.0 Ports (1 might be OTG)
  • IR sensor
  • Power Supply – 5V/2A

The hardware and software is very similar to Tronsmart Prometheus (See review), as both are based on AML8726-MX, run Android 4.2 and support XBMC. To make things even more interesting, both are about the same price, and sell for $99. G-Box Midnight MX2 can be purchased on Amazon, and if you’ve previously bought a G-Box Midnight, you can get $20 discount with 9BVTY875 coupon. Matricom provides support on MX2 Forum, which is a plus if you don’t like to be left on your own when a problem occurs. Another key advantage of the box is that it provides OTA update, something I’ve never seen in other mini PCs or set-top box I’ve tried, and will avoid you going through, sometimes cumbersome, update procedures.

G-Box Midnight MX2 Unboxing Pictures

I’ve received the device in the following package.

The box contains G-Box Midnight MX2 set-top box, a user’s manual in English and Chinese, an AV cable, a 5V/2A power supply, and an infrared remote control. There’s also an A4 paper that serves as a quick start guide and provides warranty information. One interesting point is that you can update the box with a third party firmware WITHOUT losing your warranty. This is quite rare to be noticed. However, you’ll be required to pay for shipping charge if you brick your device with such firmware.

Let’s have a closer look at the device’s ports. On one side, we’ve got a USB port (OTG?),  SPDIF out, AV out, HDMI out, Ethernet, and the power jack, and on another side, 3 more USB ports, and an SD card slot.


If you like unboxing videos, please have a look at the one I’ve shot.

First Boot, Settings and First Impressions

There’s no HDMI cable, so let’s find one to connect to the Box and the TV, together with an Ethernet cable for connectivity, and connect the power to get started. You’ll also need to add 2 AAA batteries in the remote control. During the very first boot, you’ll be taken through a wizard to select your Language (English, simplified Chinese or traditional Chinese), adjust the screen position if needed, and configure Ethernet and/or Wi-Fi. There are 2 launchers available: a stock Android Home Screen or the 3D launcher shown below. The custom launcher is IMHO much better when using an IR remote.

3D Launcher (Click to Enlarge)
3D Launcher (Click to Enlarge)

The 3D launcher will provide access to “Online Cinema” (XBMC/Netflix), Games, Video Chat, Settings, Web Navigation (with bookmarks to famous websites), and Local Apps (pre-installed Video, Music and Picture apps) sub menus. The interface feels just a little sluggish to me during the transitions, but still usable.

G-Box Midnight MX2 - About_MediaBoxI’ve previously used a mini PC with stock Android and an IR remote control, and that was a pretty bad experience. But thanks to the 3D launcher and XBMC the experience is pretty good with the remote provided. However, if you’re going to use other part of Android, it’s not a good idea to use the remote, even though it has a “Cursor” button that allows you to move the cursor with the arrow keys. Please don’t do it, this will be bad for your mental health and family harmony. Thank you. Seriously, I strongly recommend connect a USB or wireless keyboard or mouse, or purchase an RF remote with a gyro if you plan to do things like web browsing, or use other apps made for a touch screen.

In the settings menu, you’ll have to option to configure Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Ethernet for connectivity. The display menu will let you choose the video ouput resolution (480p/i, 576p/i, 720p50, 720p60, 1080i50,  1080i60, or 1080p60), as well as CVBS/YUV output modes. Unfortunately, my TV failed to detect both CVBS (composite) and YUV (component) outputs, and would just report “No Signal”. The audio settings will let you choose between PCM (downsampling), SPDIF out, or HDMI pass-through. There are no Developer Options at all, as the menu is hidden. Finally, looking into the “About MediaBox” section shows the device name is indeed “Matricom G-Box Midnight MX2”, and it’s running Android 4.2.1 with Kernel 3.0.50. The firmware comes already rooted,

Google Play app in pre-installed, and I could installed all applications I tried such as ES File Explorer, Root checker, Antutu, Quadrant,Angry Birds Star Wars, YouTube, Facebook, etc… They could all run fine, but many Benchmark would just hand the machine. Interestingly, it’s still possible to turn off the device with the remote when Android hangs, and it’s a true power off (not standby), so a small micro-processor must be handling the remote power off button and the power logic.

Apart from the benchmark failing to run, the firmware was rather smooth, and stable. You can have a look at a 5 minute demo showing boot time, 3D launcher, XBMC menu and video playback performance, and settings “walk through”. No commentary, only background music.

Video Playback in XBMC

Since the box is promoted as an XBMC device, I won’t test video playback the usual way (e.g. MX Player), but I’ll just use XBMC directly to play videos from SAMBA shares. XBMC is very smooth being rendered at about 50 fps.

Firstly, I tested the videos from

  • H.264 codec / MP4 container (Big Buck Bunny), 480p/720p/1080p – OK
  • MPEG2 codec / MPG container, 480p/720p/1080p – OK (sort of). It can play but the aspect is distorted like the videos play with an aspect ratio of 1:1 (square).
  • MPEG4 codec, AVI container 480p/720p/1080p – OK
  • VC1 codec (WMV), 480p/720p/1080p – OK
  • Real Media (RMVB) – RV8/RV9/RV10 samples all make XBMC exit (crash?).
  • WebM – 480p/720p OK, 1080p is very choppy. This is most probably because this is handled by the CPU instead of the video decoder.

Since I’ve connected the device via Ethernet, I’ve also  tested some high bitrate videos:

  • ED_HD.avi (1080p MPEG-4 – 10Mbps) – Black screen audio only.
  • big_buck_bunny_1080p_surround.avi (1080p H.264 – 12 Mbps) – OK
  • h264_1080p_hp_4.1_40mbps_birds.mkv (40 Mbps) – OK
  • hddvd_demo_17.5Mbps_1080p_VC1.mkv (17.5Mbps) – OK, but I can see some artifacts at the beginning for 1 or 2 seconds.

The box passed all tests with videos with common Audio codecs:

  • AC3 – OK
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 / Dolby Digital 7.1 – OK
  • TrueHD 5.1 & 7.1 – OK
  • DTS-MA and DTS-HR – OK

I used audio downmixing to playback those files, but, at least in theory, you can also select HDMI or SPDIF pass-through if your equipment (TV / Home Theather) supports it.

Finally I’ve played several movies (AVI, MKV, VOB…), they could all play just fine, and I could not notice any audio/video sync issues.

Wi-Fi Performance

Time to disable Ethernet and connect to my Wi-Fi router to test Wi-Fi performance. I transferred a 278 MB video files between SAMBA and the internal flash, and at first I thought something was wrong with my setup, simply because the transfer took 2:00 (2.32 MB/s), which is must faster than any other mini PCs or set-top box I’ve tried before. The previous record was held by Measy U2C which managed to transfer the same file in 2m46s (1.67MB/s), so that’s a massive 39% improvement over the best device I’ve tested. Just to make sure, I had to try the same test with MK908 again, and it would transfer the files at 1.44MB/s.

I had to try if high bitrate videos could be played smoothly:

  • big_buck_bunny_1080p_surround.avi (1080p H.264 – 12 Mbps) – OK
  • hddvd_demo_17.5Mbps_1080p_VC1.mkv (17.5Mbps) – OK

I also tried h264_1080p_hp_4.1_40mbps_birds.mkv for fun, but obviously 40Mbps is just too demanding for Wi-Fi, so after the first few seconds of playback the video became very choppy.

I’m not sure what they have done with Wi-Fi, but they have done it right, and made all other mini PCs and STBs look like junk when it comes to Wi-Fi performance. [Update: Wi-Fi performance seems to be a complex matter, and updating my router firmware changed the pecking order]

G-Box Midnight MX2 Benchmarks

Both Antutu and Quadrant hung the device at start time, so I used the remote to power off and on the media player, and decided to use another benchmark: Nenamark 2. Damn! Same results. OK, I thought, benchmark are not that important since it’s a known platform, but let’s check CPU information, with CPU / RAM / DEVICE identifier. Same result! It looks like this device really does not like to be ask “private questions”. Finally, I was able to run Vellamo benchmark.

G-Box Midnight MX2 Vellamo

Vellamo HTML 5 score (1157) puts it between Sony Tablet S (Nvidia Tegra 2) and Samsung Galaxy S2 (Exynos 4210), which are also devices based on dual core Cortex A9 processor, so this score seems about right.

Inside G-Box Midnight MX2

After removing the four screws at the bottom of the enclosure, we can access at the hardware which is composed of a baseboard (HD18 V2.2) and a CPU board (A13_V1.0). After a quick search, we can find HD18 set-top box based on AMLogic AML8726-M3 which just looks the same, so I assume Matricom, or their manufacturer, used the same baseboard and casing design, and replaced the CPU module with one featuring AML8726-M6.

GBox Midnight MX2 Board (Click to Enlarge)
GBox Midnight MX2 Board (Click to Enlarge)

We’ll find the connectors and components on this side of the board including the 4 USB ports, SPDIF, HDMI, and AV outputs, Ethernet and the Wi-Fi/Bt module (Realtek), the SD card slot, an LED, and the IR sensor. You’ll also notice the heatsink on the processor to help keep the device cool during operation. I could not find connections for the serial console, maybe removing the heatsink would provide access to the right pads. As pointed out in one comment, the 4 pads on the left of the RAM chips could indeed be the UART connection.


On the other side however, there’s not much to see…


G-Box Midnight is one of the best media player I’ve reviewed. During my few hours of testing, it operated smoothly and, benchmark issues put aside, reliably. XBMC is working just fine, and it could play most files I threw at it. The exceptions being some MPEG-2 files with incorrect aspect ratio, Real Video files make XBMC exit, WebM 1080p can’t be played smoothly, and Elephant Dream shows only a black screen. Audio decoding was perfect with all files I tried, and I did not experience any audio/video sync issues. XBMC results are actually very close to what I could achieve with Tronsmart Prometheus, especially since the latest firmware is said to fix audio/video sync issues. Two characteristics make this device stand above the rest:

  • OTA Updates – Not available on any other media players or mini PCs I’ve used. I haven’t been able to try it as there’s no update available right now.
  • Wi-Fi performance – 40% to 100% performance improvement over the competition.

If you’re going to use this device mostly a a media player, the remote control is really nice to have, as you can just use it as a normal set-top box, with little things like a play/pause button not available with other devices. Real power off is also a positive as it’s not seen in most other devices. However, to use any other Android apps, just get yourself another input device (keyboard, mouse or “fly mouse”) for your own sanity.

The only major problem I encountered is that composite and component outputs do not work at all with my TV, so I don’t know if I have a defective unit, or it’s due to a firmware issue. There are also new things I’d like to be implemented like multi-user supports which is supposed to be implemented in Android 4.2, and a Miracast Display support in order to use your Miracast Certified tablet or smartphone as a Miracast Source.

Even though XBMC works very well in Android now, some of you may still prefer having XBMC running in Linux, and it’s likely we’ll eventually see builds for the G-Box Midnight MX2, as the community provided those for the first generation G-Box Midnight. You may have to be patient though.

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157 Replies to “Matricom G-Box Midnight MX2 Android TV Box Review”

  1. CNX-Software, could you manage to do a follow up check and review on the composite/component output? If that doesnt work, then I am not interested; but if it does then Ive found something I would like to buy.

    I guess there is no point in waiting for a quad core G-Box, as that would take time to develop and stabilize. Its interesting that a dual core is coming out as a solid finished product now that quad models have started appearing.

  2. Note that G-Box Midnight does not contribute anything back to XBMC, they simply take what Pivos is doing and call it theirs.

    If want to support XBMC on Android/Amlogic development then buy Pivos, Gamestick or the The Little Black Box they all contribute back to Pivos at least, as it’s Pivos Scott Davilla who is the primary one developing the Amlogic brand of XBMC.

    Also Dolby/DTS have to be licensed for pass-through if the G-Box box doesn’t have that then you wont get any pass-through over HDMI/SPDIF and HD audio pass-through it not supported, it’s something Pivos are working on but a low priority.

  3. AV works for me. Had to set resolution to 480i in settings and used the red AV wire instead of white. Odd, but works.

  4. @JT
    CVBS “works”. So the signal are mixed, and we need to connect the red cable into the yellow connector into the TV.

    I don’t think YUV works, as I think I tried about all cable color combinations yesterday.

  5. @Ceroj
    Ceroj…….you Pivos fanboys kill me as if they made XBMC….its open source and this is the best implementation so far I have seen from the review. How can you say that it doesn’t support DTS when the review clearly states so while Pivos is low priority. I saw the same with Tronsmart that doesn’t compare to this MX2, but was trashed for not having DTS nor AC3 and sure enough it was fixed. NOT by Pivos so your statements are irrelevant…..its more about XBMC and do they support them.

    I for one love the review and will definitely be purchasing this unit to replace my Jynxbox (using G-box firmware). I read their forums all the time and updates on the firmwares, love what they are doing and happy to be a future buyer when available.

  6. @Ceroj Ive already purchased pivos xios but dont use it anymore since pretty much everything else on the market is better. If theyre supporting xbmc so much then why does G-Box have to make their own version of it which pivos is inferior to? Seems to me they are only interested in their own products not xbmc as a whole otherwise there’d be no need for g-box to make their own version. G-box is probably doing same so when it comes down to it i’ll choose the winning team since its my hard earned bucks being spent.

  7. Left to the dram there are 4 solder pads, looks like serial.
    I’ve read somewhere that Matricom would “lock down” their future devices if this true and we stuck with Android then no thanks.
    I’ll be waiting for Pivos to introduce their dual core device.

  8. myfoolish…….highly doubt that when they have opened the first G-box more than any other unit. Its not locked down at all, as the company mentioned they are and will release source for enthusiasts. Its funny to see people wait, just like all did for the OUYA which touted XBMC, and failed like many others as cnx stated. Great job Matricom!!

    @Ceroj……you don’t own the unit but make these assumptions which is rather entertaining……to everyone pointing and laughing at your statements.

  9. @JT
    YUV is component output. You’d normally use a cable with Green, Yellow, and Red RCA plugs, and plug it in the corresponding ports of your TV. You should be able to output to 1080p with this cable. But I get no signals in any combinations I tried.

  10. @Tweaveler
    DTS downscaling is working, however I have not tried HDMI nor SPDIF pass-through since I don’t have equipment that supports those.
    I was not aware there was a separate license for downscaling and pass-through.

  11. @Wasted
    Actually they found the problem earlier, that’s why the could fix it fast.
    I make a slight mistake with announcing the OTA within 48 hours. They did send me a test firmware today with 4.2.2 and AV fix, but the OTA should only be available on the 10th. I’m not sure I’ll have time to test before OTA release, and since I’d like to test OTA too, I may just wait.

  12. G-box is hack products. They are only in for selling goods for money and no real quality. After having two die in under 3 days of use they where nice to refund my money after the second replacement died.

    top hat tv has done jelly bean on current m3 box with ota and think the hardware is the exact same as g box midnight. They have there own dev team that has fixed many problems with firmware that gbox china factory dev’s wont fix or break other apps like netflix.

  13. @cnxsoft
    There’s no need of licenses for any digital audio passthrough, because it is a redirection of the pure audio stream to other decoder device outside the demuxer. You already payed for a licence in the device decoding the stream, if you have a capable one like a high end TV or a digital audio receiver.

    This was the way for ages, don’t let G Box haters fools you about this specific topic.

  14. I spy… With my little eye… Something beginning with a U… A UART, or at least the pins for it. Should make a nice amlogic kernel hacking device.

  15. @Martin Revert
    I remember when I worked on STB a few years ago, we could just provide pass-through DTS and Dolby without licences, but new processors coming did not have this possibly by default, because licence for DTS or/and Dolby pass-through was required.

    I don’t know what the licence arrangements are now.

  16. Hi cnxsoft,

    can you please share the output of getprop? Or at least the fields regarding the productl like, etc.?

    best regards

  17. @cnxsoft
    Thanks for reply.
    In mentioned screenshot there is ro.product.model. By my experiences in, ro.product.board or ro.product.device contains also name of the reference board on Amlogic platform. For GBox Midnight it was f16ref so I was curious what is there for MX2?

  18. i once had one version, and run antutu benmark , the score is 8433
    but now the version can not run, even change my tv into a tablet, picture not a vertical….i have to power off it
    i got price 79.99

  19. How unbrick that device?
    Is there any way?
    After power on i have only blue led and black screen TV 🙁

  20. cnxsoft :
    Based on the price and latest firmware version, I guess your player is not a G-Box Midnight MX2, but the same hardware base with a different firmware. Am I right?

    ha, you are right…..
    same hw, even sw, just change logo….for OTA, i do not care….

  21. @Jan
    I know solution for Droid Stick A2 is very interesting,
    but i don’t know what can I short on MX2 board 🙁
    That is problem, where are TP14 pads to short?
    Without that information i can’t connect my MX2 with PC via USB.

  22. @androidgadget11
    Good news, I got more info:

    “There is a recovery system in the bootloader – to access it there is a reset button behind the AV port. It is safe to just put a toothpick inside there and press and old when powering on the device just until the boot screen(power cable). If you have the SD card in its a hard reset flash which resets all, if without the SD card it will simply show the bootloader options where you can access EXT flash for udisk (USB) or SD (sdcard).”

  23. @cnxsoft
    I know that method.
    But it is only for upgrade firmware.
    I tried recovery my device with different versions of the firmware.
    I tried that many time without results.
    No bootloader options, no boot screen etc…
    Always I have black screen on TV.

    Must be other solution


  24. @Dead G-box

    Top Hat is a hack of our product trying to strip certain parts from a JB firmware and manipulating their customers. If you download the firmware and use it on an m3 platform, anyone with common sense can see its not JB but ICS. To confirm go to Settings>About>Version – hit that option 7 times on the remote……you will see an ice cream sandwich and not Jelly beams. They just hacked our firmware and took the UI from it to mock and sell it as a Matricom G-box unit. Sorry it is a fraud and you should get your money back sir.

  25. has anybody seen a fix for the AV port problem yet? and does anybody know if AirPlay works on MX2?

  26. Aaron Johnson :
    @Dead G-box
    Top Hat is a hack of our product trying to strip certain parts from a JB firmware and manipulating their customers. ….

    You say this, yet you guys do the exact same with the so called “Special” XBMC version !

    Not any worthy changes, at least not really made by the company. Just some replaced splash screens and updated addons! (Talking about deception?)

    You even go as far as removing the GPL license file and hence even the contributors file !!! So you don’t even comply to the GPL license, you are even willingly breaking it.

    So please do not speak of “hacking into” and “deception”. Like some smart people once said; Don’t shit in your own garden.

  27. j1nx :

    Aaron Johnson :
    @Dead G-box
    Top Hat is a hack of our product trying to strip certain parts from a JB firmware and manipulating their customers. ….

    You say this, yet you guys do the exact same with the so called “Special” XBMC version !
    Not any worthy changes, at least not really made by the company. Just some replaced splash screens and updated addons! (Talking about deception?)
    You even go as far as removing the GPL license file and hence even the contributors file !!! So you don’t even comply to the GPL license, you are even willingly breaking it.
    So please do not speak of “hacking into” and “deception”. Like some smart people once said; Don’t shit in your own garden.

    I’ve got a graveyard of practically every android tv box made and the mx2 is the first box that Ive tried that plays hd content flawlessly. Your probably right about them slapping a logo in xbmc. I think what theyve done is developed a superior firmware that just works better with XBMC than all these other boxes. The reason I think that is because I’ve tried their xbmc on a bunch of my other boxes and it only works 100% on the mx2. It’ll run on all kinds of other devices but has sync issues and stutters but not on the mx2. Its proven to me that there’s something special about their firmware running on the box… not their version of xbmc.

  28. @JT,

    Oh I do believe they did it right with the Android firmware, nothing less the congratz on that one. If you take the same as the others but make it better than that should be there unique selling point, hence might favor them above the others.

  29. j1nx :
    Oh I do believe they did it right with the Android firmware, nothing less the congratz on that one. If you take the same as the others but make it better than that should be there unique selling point, hence might favor them above the others.

    can u do one XBMC linux to run on the MX2?
    now the new mx2 is 0510e, i have got the latest…..

  30. acemaxken :

    j1nx :
    Oh I do believe they did it right with the Android firmware, nothing less the congratz on that one. If you take the same as the others but make it better than that should be there unique selling point, hence might favor them above the others.

    can u do one XBMC linux to run on the MX2?
    now the new mx2 is 0510e, i have got the latest…..

    Oh, we ae already working on a linux vrsion for the dual core amlogic chipset. At the moment we already testing and developing on multiple devices, but at this moment I am more in favour to lock that firmware to be loaded on ANY box except the GBox MX2…

  31. I distribute the n2Box in Canada and G-Box is nothing but an amlogic m6-8726 box what anyone can buy on Alibaba for 55$. G-Box DOES NOT MAKE THE FIRMWARE EITHER, there’s a huge misconception of what gbox actually is. It’s nothing but the Android Smart TV Box from Alibaba with label, and custom cardboard, which is the same as n2Box. G-Box DOES NOT MAKE THEIR FIRMWARE, orders of 500+ units from China gets you free firmware of THEIRS with your name on it.

    We have the IDENTICAL firmware releases from the factory as we are IDENTICAL boxes in every way except n2Box isn’t lying and pretending. The only amlogic custom firmware for any box is licensed to n2Box by Amlogic. The demo firmware posted at is the ONLY copy of actual AMLogic certified firmware bundled with XBMC included right in the software since OCTOBER 2012.

    While n2Box and n2News were developing m3 firmwares and creating an AD FREE site for help and support G-box has done nothing but flood the internet with BOX AFTER BOX. One week they are USAwholesalers, then matricom, then Exoon, then androidxbmctv, if you really look and see, they are nothing but logo’s on each china box available on the market, they are using the firmware that CHINA provides with orders for clients, and marking up the boxes as if they had something to do with it, when infact it’s all part of the package from the chinese manufacturers. All they did was create confusion in an already confusing & uncertain market.

    Android boxes are NOT fully functional yet. No brands have really been able to keep up with firmware, kernels, etc to improve on the boxes on the market. Instead the boxes just keep getting upgraded, dual core, quad core, … but the companies like AMLogic who LOCK their software along with geniatech (pivos) another case of misleading people into believing they created something geniatech does for you when you’re their client. these companies are the ones locking the boxes up and BRANDING them for us. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A GBOX CLONE, it’s a term created by G-box themselves to act as if someone copied them when the real story is, they are just reselling a chinese manufactured box that is really quite common and marking them up extremely high considering they expect you to learn, setup, and figure out XBMC yourself. At least n2Box comes with addons & repositories preinstalled. And at least n2Box has never backed down when it comes to what they believe in, XBMC for Android on MX-Series Amlogic Boxes.

    G-box is amlogic, exoon is their rocketchip, g-box 2 is a rocketchip, slav (don’t know, don’t care).

    these guys are literally just shopping on alibaba, and marking the price up. They created an entire market around selling people boxes that are so DISFUNCTIONAL that communities grew and grew to improve. Which they have. The only thing G-Box did right was build community of people from all around the world working together and helping each other with amlogic m3 set top boxes. The following is amazing. But It’s not g-box that should be taking credit for any of this. This would realistically be something to thank Amlogic for creating.

    MX2 = n2Box Xtreme MX = Both MX BOXES with 1.6Ghz dual core processors, 1GB Ram, & 8GB Storage + Android 4.2.1
    XIOS = Jynx = g-box midnight = n2box (1st gen) = MiniX ALL m3 BOXES with 1.5Ghz processor, 1GBRam, & 4GBStorage + Android 4.0.3.

  32. Im honestly not interested in linux on the MX2. The old midnight is plenty fast for it, not sure what new interesting feats could be accomplished by putting linux xbmc on it other than running a little faster. Since the mx2 seems to run xbmc perfectly fine for me in android why limit to only xbmc through linux? I understand the logic in the past – the m3 processor isnt very fast, optimize with linux because android is bloated. but that just doesnt seem to be the case anymore with hardware limitations removed.

  33. dirkdeagle, you obviously have no idea what you’re talking about. The MX2 firmware is most definitely made by g-box devs. I know this because i have kept up with it very thoroughly and if you read their forum and kept up with their updates, the community supplying bug reports and feature requests along with actually talking to their devs and seeing these implemented then you’d probably already know this though. Considering they’re on schedule for updating their box using over-the-air, i am quite certain that your box isn’t running the same firmware. Also, everybody knows you can buy generic boxes in China that are unsupported and wont see xbmc/firmware updates and good luck with warranty when something goes wrong. I will never buy another box directly from china after all of my bad experiences and I certainly will not buy a box from you because your box is obviously just another china box with no support.

    To top it off I just did a search and see that this n2box company is a huge scam (thanks Shippmy for pointing this out). God bless anybody that makes a mistake and buys from this company. for reference.

  34. I was sold on the n2box but they do not ship to( florida) do either of these boxes (G-Box Midnight MX2) work in the USA
    and if so does the midnight box have all the features n2 has im ready to try this after watching youtube it sounds to good to be true but thats what I said when I got my first descrambler in the 80s any info about this box in florida would be helpful if not maybe there is another alternative

  35. @jeff
    Both n2box and G-box Midnight mx2 appear to feature the same hardware, but they most probably have different firmware. I can’t comment on n2box (I don’t own one), but MX2 firmware is pretty good. It’s working over IP networks (LAN or the Internet), so it can work anywhere. There’s no ATSC tuner in either devices. If n2box is indeed $180 as I can see on, then it’s overpriced.

  36. that’s very good news how would the firmware being different affect?n2 says they download apps in the machine would that affect the programs you can watch maybe they have more?is it difficult to download im scarred when I do I get updates browsers etc also I still have a older tv so I would have to use the rca jacks anything else a rookie would need to know as far as what to download to get the most channels safelyI can including music thanks so much how much is this unit this is a awesome site your my new fav

  37. @jeff
    I know the review is a bit long, but most answers are there, and in comments. MX2 costs $99 on Amazon, Android 4.1 firmware does not support AV output, but this is fixed in Android 4.2 firmware. So If you feel uncomfortable doing firmware upgrade (just put some files in a SD card, and press a button on the board), make sure you buy the model you buy has Android 4.2 pre-loaded.

    For music playback and videos, XBMC is included, so you could use that. Since you are in the US, you could also use Netflix. People in forums would actually provide better answer than me for links to online video services in the US.

  38. @dirkdeagle

    How can someone write such rubbish!!! N2 is completely what is accuses others of being, N2 on facebook is full of people that got ripped off, search for it. N2 is nothing but a sticker!!! of a chinese box. Do your research people, these guys are thieves!!! Buyer Beware! plus they sell them for over $200 if you even got lucky to get one and not loose your money.

  39. @jeff

    If your looking for a Canadian Dealer search for GboxCanada, I purchased from there and was very satisfied, became a regular customer, all their products are Authentic Matricom with Excellent customer service and reasonable prices. I’ve also purchased from Matricom but found it cheaper with duties and taxes to order from Canada

    my 2cents

  40. Does anybody know a car cigarette adapter that would work for this? Planning to use it in the car to play songs from USB drive.

  41. @N2 beware – I agreed with Shippmy. I wouldn’t buy anything from n2news after googling. I got my hardware direct from matricom so I never ran into this problem. All these other companies seem to be taking a generic version of their box and trying to make a name out of it to ride on the wave of matricom’s apparent success. I’ve bought and been burned by too many Chinese companies. Point being do your research. Google the company and see what they’re about before you purchase from them. N2News is obviously fraud. It’s sad that they have a similar device. I hope for Matricom’s sake that their reputation doesn’t get ruined by scam companies trying to pass their products as theirs.

  42. J1nx your full of it and we both know it – you state the same thing on every website trying to down Matricom so you can rebrand a reference design. Its old news like your linux offering – no one is interested when you have linux under android + XBMC. Go ranting somewhere else with your false claims all is there in the open and have been for a long time. The only reason Linux survived on these platforms is because no one took the attention to get android right, we have done so and plenty have bottled up heat and envy going on here. Keep it professional and speak on your little black box.

    TOP HAT has definitely used binaries which you can md5 from our firmware and sure enough its stripped. The point is they are selling these all over ebay and on their site as Jelly Bean and they are not. They also came here to false advertise to go against us, their ignorance doesn’t fall far from your methods. Try again – your already exposed.

  43. I just purchase MX2 thru Amazon n want to see a movie with it. Don’t know how to set it up. Did I need to download any apps and how?? Please help. ,,

  44. @Liecen Rianto
    There are many ways to play videos, e.g. online, from USB harddrive, NAS, so it’s difficult to answer your question. The pre-installed XBMC app should do most of what you need however. You can find how to use on the Internet.

  45. i bought the g boxmidnight a few weeks ago .worked great for about 10 days but now wont come out of standby .tried unplugging it afew times but no joy.any help?

  46. @Aaron Johnson Like I said above, I do agree with you on the Android part. Since you guys hired a skilled Android developer, things were rocketing. Nothing more than Kudo’s there.

    I do not agree with you on the linux part. I do not believe in Android for STB alike boxes. But that is fine, let us agree to dis-agree on that part.

    The only thing that bothers me, and not only me. Every official XBMC developer as well. Since XBMC for Android came out, people no longer give credit where credit is due.

    What is wrong with; “XBMC taken from the Pivos sources adjusted to includes some extra’s for usability”?

    People state they all have “Special Versions”. Where Matricom even goes as far as (and I quote); “The MX2 comes loaded with a Special Edition superior fork of XBMC. This fork is commercially supported, which means real development effort is being put into this amazing software to better the product.”

    1) It is not so special as the main lead developer checked you code.
    2) It is taken from Pivos, a commercially supported version already.

    Can’t you really not see that this type of things is pissing them off? Yet, if they really get pissed off and remove the amlogic support, what will that mean for us. Are the sales numbers than still be that high?

    Now, I am not stating I am better what so ever. Just don’t make such claims, give credit where credit is due and everybody lives happily ever after ….

    (It must be the “Apache license” world of Android that changed this whole attitude)

  47. the gbox mx2 midnight is good when working ,I have had 2 already in 6 weeks, with the same fault they work fine then with out warning ,
    you switch it on with the remote and it just freezes on the matricom logo and yes I have switched it off and put the tooth pick down the A.V. socket and tried to reset but no joy
    I have had a bluetimes box and never had a problem
    I am now waiting for my third one but not holding much hope ( the first xbox 360 was more reliable ) to say I am disappointed is a understatement (Warning don’t believe the hype )
    To me its just a expensive paper weight

  48. I bought mine also through amazon and it tanked on me. It stopped working after 8 days. At first, it froze. Then it stopped rebooting. All I see is some alien green looking logo. I will get a refund hopefully I won’t buy this sh*t ever again. XBMC is a great program but this G-Box is really wack.

  49. Trying to get Skype working with Logitec 9000 USB cam. So far a lot of difficulties when connecting the USB camera (sometimes only video and no audio or the other way around). Any solution for this. Already upgraded the 5v adapter to 3000ma, but no improvement

  50. I’ve seen a few people having an issue with freezing at the matricom screen in the forums. I’ve got 3 of these boxes now. Was worried it would happen to me but all of them still running perfect . Looks like a bad batch I guess. Feel bad for you guys. I think they have a good return policy so I wouldnt worry.

  51. @cnxsoft
    Ill confirm SPDIF does not work and its something I need and am now concerned it will never work. I have a high end but older component video receiver. It would cost me around $800.00 today to replace my receiver to get the level of sound quality I currently have. Im forced to stereo output for now or picking up a $40.00 HDMI with Toslink switch to do what should be available from the device.

  52. @N2ripoff
    haha, are you still running your mouth Twhiting? Sorry but I don’t mind all the other comments about N2News as they are people’s opinions and what they’ve read but know this, N2ripoff is simply a group of 4 employees who were fired for trying to steal member lists and ultimately forcing N2News to close down for 3 months and have since, instead of looking for jobs spent the last 8 months crying all over the internet about N2News, though the site has 21,000 members and grows by about 1000 members a week PLUS, N2Box Xtreme MX2 sales are through the roof because of the support offered. And you flat out lie about the price in your post? Over $200? I’m sorry but they are $145, and the only reason they are $40 more then Matricom’s exact same box, is because we don’t bother with worrying about linux vs android or any of the forums filled with debates and confusing material, we keep it XBMC and N2Box Android TV related and are more for the beginner XBMC user.

    The N2Box comes complete with addons installed, How To guides, and N2News has SIMPLE, easy to understand beginner’s guides that are there to help you watch TV, not be a tester and program a box day and night. Not everyone is interested in that.

    Some people just want an End-User type box that is more aimed at the plug and play aspect of XBMC and Android TV, not the program it yourself way which is personally my way, but I understand where so much confusion in this business comes from. Constant lies from companies like Matricom, USA Wholesalers, XBMCAndroidTV, Exoon, G-Box, or whatever their name is this week and even other sites like the Hub for example. The fact they ONLY feature Geniatech boxes which are NO different then g-boxes or n2boxes but somehow they will lead you to believe they are the better boxes? Maybe they are being paid to do this? 3/4’s of the site is ads, why is so hard to believe a site in the business of tricking people into clicking to make a dime wouldn’t trick people into buying a box for some sponsorship? This is the internet where anyone can make up anything and post it. And the lies that have been made in the Android TV industry are hilarious. They are directly in our faces and we just believe them.

    Also, if you look around G-Box pays for each spot he is placed on the internet. Ads, Ads, Ads, everywhere you look. He even breaks the law by placing 2 sites on adwords running simultaneously in attempts to BUY their monopoly over a market they’ve already LOST. If you have to pay to be noticed, and pay for PR release articles then you really aren’t doing that great of a job. I would bet money 50% of the posts you read about the box are paid writers and bloggers.

    Sad really.

  53. @JT

    Google it to look for complaints? haha, N2News is in it’s 12th year of business! Over 2.5 MILLION transactions and your talking about the 5-10 people who complained about N2News for being responsible for FTA not working anymore? Type in ANY company that’s done over 2 MILLION transactions in 12 years and try and find NO Complaints? Frig, there’s more complaints out there already that G-Boxes don’t work and are buggy. They’ve been around a whole almost 2 years? JT sounds a lot like your little right hand man TW. lol. Ranting and Ranting about N2News instead of maybe getting a job now that you’re both unemployed.

    haha EVEN YOU TWHITING have FOUGHT HALF OF THE BAD REVIEWS claiming N2News is NOT a scam! Now all of a sudden AFTER your fired, then N2NEWS is a scam but you were fine working there 7 years? Bottom line TWhiting, you tried to slip in and be distributor in USA, when you were told NO, you through a fit and took off on vacation for 2 months and still charged your $45,000/year for a server! Then you tried to take the members list, and got fired, DEAL WITH IT. Look for a job. Good riddance!

  54. @Shippmy

    all over the internet? haha… if you type in ANYTHING into google and sift through results to find the ONE complaint on the biggest XBMC addon site in the world out of the 5000 sold units this year then you are out to lunch bud. Ever typed, “Paypal Sucks” into google? You’ll get hundreds of thousands of “Stories” but they still have 50+ million active users. Why would that be? Maybe because people Like YOU. Some people love to put down something they have NO IDEA about. And sorry but it’s true, Matricom doesn’t make the firmware. I have the exact same firmware as G-Box, and it was made for N2Box by the factory in China it’s bought from. The same company that makes G-Box their firmware. OEM included with 1000 orders. Just because Matricom SAYS they have coders, means NOTHING. They pay bloggers to write stories, they can pay coders to answer questions. All a giant fraud. If they were just honest all along, I’m sure firmware development because N2News actually has the ONLY ANDROID BOX to have access to the Amlogic Development Servers to build it’s own custom M3 (downloadable at n2news) and M6 firmware (downloadable at N2News but no play store working yet). but instead, coders, users, testers alike fall for the lies. And read in forums that lie about EVERYTHING even from the fact they used to tell people they manufactured them. Then we busted that lie. Now you still want to believe that was the ONLY lie they told?

  55. @JT

    You’re talking about Over the Air Updates hahahaha, N2Box does OTA as well, and it’s provided to us by our manufacturer in China on a schedule too. VERY MISINFORMED you are.

  56. @JT
    Generic versions of G-Box? Are you kidding me?!?!?! There is NO SUCH THING AS A G-Box. There IS an android smart TV box from china. It’s supported by different companies like G-Box and N2News. But one of those companies lies through their teeth and keeps expanding the lies to cover up the fact that they’ve played a HUGE role in ruining the thriving XBMC Android TV Box market. G-Box who was USAWholesalers under a year ago, now Matricom? They first claimed they MADE the boxes, that lie didn’t work out, on to the firmware, works… so next, they got their own XBMC which is just stolen code from Pivos’ XBMC version, now people are finally seeing the truth and should know the type of liars they are actually dealing with. I’m reading this post and there are SO SO many of you with busted G-Box Midnights it’s sad. If you check online, 5000 units sold first quarter, and I can literally find 3 people who ONLY had issues finding the firmware, which is at N2News, the Official Supporter of N2Box.

    I hope people understand the lies they’ve all been fed. Don’t buy in to a company that only used FLAT out lies to sell a box they have absolutely NOTHING to do with production, firmware dev, xbmc, or ANYTHING they claim except they are printing their own cardboard. $0.50/box from China. Do NOT buy from these scammers. They’ve lied to the point of actually slowing down M3 box development by acting as if they were doing it when NOT.

  57. Good info!
    What I dont get, is reviews on Amazon state it outputs only 720P. You show 1080P.
    Whats the reality?

  58. @bill
    The reports on Amazon are correct, video outputs only 720p.
    But that does not mean you can’t play 1080p videos (as I did in the review). They will however be downscaled to 720p.
    If you have a large TV and you sit relatively close, you will notice the difference.
    The following chart may help you decide whether 720p resolution is an issue for your setup –

  59. Which HDMI cable is recommended for g-box midnight?
    Standard HDMI Cable
    High Speed HDMI Cable
    does both of these have ARC?

    I am connecting gbox to 42″ Sony Bravia LED

  60. Hi there. This review is really not accurate and needs updating. The device does NOT output 1080P and does NOT pass through HD audio, both of which make it unsuitable for most use cases I would have had for it. HD audio pass through does actually need to be licensed from Dolby and DTS, which has not happened here.

  61. @Rooster
    The device does output 1080p, but it’s actually scaled down to 720p (UI resolution). My TV reports 1080p60.
    There’s indeed an option to let you choose between PCM (downsampling), SPDIF out, or HDMI pass-through, 100% accurate. If you had actually read the review, you would know I haven’t been able to test it. It happens that audio pass-through may not work, and a bug has been filled in the bug tracker.

  62. @Aaron Johnson

    Mr. Aaron Johnson, are you the same guy that tried to ripp of Visson Technology by selling them ‘your’ xbmc work? Didn’t you forgot to delete Prometheus logo in one of your mx2 xbmc apks?

    Do you also claim that activation that TopHat TV needs is also stolen from you or it is made because of guys like you, not to steel someone’s elses work and sell it under different name?

    Also how tophat dev could steel your work when he released his JellyBean firmware on April 22nd 2013, 13 weeks prior your announcement of mx2 and weeks prior to samples sent out of the worlds first box to soft brick in every home?


  63. @cnxsoft
    Anything with DTS audio wont play through the MX2 SPDIF Channel
    If you go into XBMC you get Audio on SPDIF but no video quite the opposite of the matricom interface.
    Without this I have a 5 year old popcorn hour that outperforms this device.

  64. @dirkdeagle
    Ive had Zero updates since I purchased it months ago. I see various sites mention beta updates but haven’t gotten one single update since purchase. I did the flash myself to get to the release all fixes the OTA update so it doesn’t error out any more but it still says no updates available and I see there have been 3 beta’s released how about they do an OTA already.

  65. Hei this box is waste of time and money mine was ok 3 days and then everithing gone bade,it doesent have stabel os and android xbmc is noth working stable,it was a nightmare to go from jb apple tv with xbmc to mx2,now i have buyed intel nuc celeron,os is openelec with usb woow it was even bether than my mac mini with i5.i have tried atv2-macmini-g-box mx2,intel nuc with openelec was a dream to use,Nuc plays every thing 1080p with true hd,dts and best of all it plays 3D sbs mkv 20gb with no frame droops ore stuttering,nuc plays everything with no issues,nuc is the best htpc with openelec for a cheap price,Dont waste your time and money this box sucks,buy raspberry pi instead much more cheaper if money don’t reach nuc.every body complains with this box hardware problems ore os,just check forums if you dont believe me.

  66. I am trying to hook up matricom g box midnight mx2 android 4.2 jelly bean dual core xbmc streaming mini htpc tv box player. will not hook up to my wi fi. authentication problem. checked with my server and no problemsthank you

  67. What a POS! I bought a MX2 off amazon and it is loaded with bugs and would keep crashing. Called the number in usa asking how to get my netflix working and they wanted to help me save money and had me load 1 channel and icefilms. After i did all the movies where bootlegs and bad quality. I wanted netflix and they say just look around in those apps and you will never need netflix.

    I called back the next day and need help with getting netflix to work and they say it works fine but Mash up is better. I told them i don’t need that piracy stuff. I just need netflix and some android games. There reply was “Return the F**k thing netflix is dead” and hung up on me.

    Watch out they just take your money and run. Zero support and a faulty device.

  68. hahahahaha are you joking? gbox buys adspace on xbmchub. and they are talking bad about gboxes biggest competitor? why is that you gbox must BUY his sales where n2box does NOT pay for advertising ANYWHERE and sells out every time it’s ordered. but gbox still disturbs the community with LIES with who? another liar we all know and love. 1channel is hijacked you say? hows the site up? and nobody andwhere is talking about a hijacking??? but your single sentence./@Shippmy

  69. I am trying to install the Israel channels
    I.E. ( And it don’t work. I am trying for 5 days now and it does not work.
    is there any way that I will contact someone for direct help (even for payment)?
    Or sent my backup card that will be upload with the data?
    P.S. I have the “G-Box Midnight MX2”

  70. n2nboxes are a big ripoff and its already well known for them to try to rebrand matrices g-box units.

    In that thread there is a user that had a very bad experience with you guys and shows what your in the market for. Selling m3 boxes as dual core, ICS devices as Jelly bean with a prop change and its sad. We do not and never will advertise with xbmchub for the sake of legalities but google does a fine job of placing us on all relating websites so please get your facts straight first and not so unprofessional trying to bash a company that even helps your own offering.

    @effi get the latest firmware 1.1.6

  71. Just got into these mini pc’s because of xbmc…but now im not sure which on to buy for my tv. Im between this gbox mx2 or
    the ugoos ut1….which one is better?

  72. I Bought a MX2 Box and a Measy RC13 air mouse but have since found that the MX2 TV Box does not support audio (speaker and Mic.) on the air mouse. Can anyone help me with a firmware upgrade that would fix this problem? Rick

  73. @ted
    I’m not sure you’ve posted in the right post.. But if you really did, I guess you mean about IPTV,and watching online TV.
    Since the system is based on XBMC, it’s the same for all boxes, and depends on which Add-on you install. There are some that let you watch hundreds pf TV channels, and lots of movies more or less legally…

  74. cnx can some one please tell me what would be the best box to install a linux based xbmc that runs good. i am thinking of selling to my friends and i might need about 15 of them so i am thinking it would need to be a cheap box maybe 8726-m3 or 8726-m6 i know pivos dont have a os for the 8726-m6 but g-box does. the box will be just 100% xbmc there will be no android it is only for xbmc purposes any help would be much appreciated.

  75. Hello,

    When I play MKV files. it never plays the audio. It says Audio not found. Anyway to fix this issue?

  76. when turn on my gbox my ex husband name and phone number appears on screen while its loading. How do I delete his info?

  77. Hi there,great review.
    i have been using the GBOX Midnight MX2 for about 6 months and i am very pleased , how ever i would very much like to install the IPTVsimple addon as PVR , and for that i guess i need to install linux and XBMC again.
    do you happen to know a way to “backup” and keep all personal settings such as installed and configured ADD-on’s etc’..

  78. I’m looking at purchasing the MX2 gbox as a way to turn my regular tv into a smart tv. I have an external hard drive that I have movies on and would like to know if the mx2 can work with the hard drive.


  80. @james
    I can’t remember exactly, but reading my article gives a clue: “After removing the four screws at the bottom of the enclosure”. You may have to remove some rubber pads, then the box should come apart quite easily.

  81. hi,I have a problem with my tv android box mx3. it works good but the picture is zoomed too much and can see just quarter from the whole picture.I tried from the screen settings from the home menu but for nothing.before this tv box I had another 1 but it had the same problem.I dont know what can I do!!

  82. @steve
    A quarter seem small. Normally there’s something called overscan.
    If you use a recent HDMI TV, there should be an option to underscan directly from the TV If you use composite/component output there must be a tool to scale the UI as part of the Android firmware. It can be a separate tool or part of the settings.

  83. @Wasted
    I purchase g-box midnight mx2 about 1 year ago did not install I till about 3 months ago .it would not was locked up. sent back to distributor. he said he upgraded my g-box it was working fine for about 2 months . after one late night movie. I tried to turn back on the very next morning all I get is matricom screen ,and the giant G-Box screen after that the android screen and that’s where it stays I let 20 minute go by and determined it was lock up again. I paid over 150.00 dollar’s , for this product. for it to be locking up again and this a common problem or is it something I am doing or not doing. the information booklet is very vague ,missing a lot of information for those that are not computer savvy . thank you R. Garcia

  84. @richard garcia
    If there is a power button on device/remote (can’t remember) make sure you use it. These devices are like computers, if you don’t turn it off properly, they may be data loss.

    You can try to flash the firmware, maybe with Amlogic USB flash / burning tool.

  85. i just got a mx2 for xmas, i plugged in the hdmui cable and the box, but when i press the power on the remote nothing is happening. i can see a red light, so I have power, but the box will not show the blue light and the tv says no signal. please help

  86. I lock my G-box midnight MX2 with a password, and I don’t remember this. What ca do and how to unlock. Pleas if somebody know.


  88. Get a box from electro geek if your from Canada, you get free shipping and if you ever have any trouble they will remote connect to your box and fix it for you. Everything is setup ready to go. Their mxiii with custom firmware blows this box away. I personally have both boxes the gbox mxii came outdated and with problematic firmware. No updates and no help.

  89. @darren I am using a firmware for my MX box from here “” and it’s working very well on the box and they also offers OTA updates for their changes and all for free which is great from them.

  90. Under the SETTING MENU, there is an on/off switch in the upper right corner. I see a message in the middle of the screen saying TURNING WIFI ON, but the WIFI. naver turns on . The switch goes back to the off position. How can I correct this? Al

  91. I have purchased a Matricom G Box Q on 9/8/15 and it has worked to perfection till today. When I turned it on, the light started blinking and nothing happens. Any suggestions or help to resolve this situation? Thanks in advance

  92. My Matricom G Box Q purchased on 9/8/15 stopped working today. When turned on the light starts blinking an nothing happens. It has worked to perfection till today. HELP.

  93. I have a G-box mx2 Matricom after updating correctly via sd card and toothpick method got over confident and tried to upgrade further from 1.2.2 ( HD 18 v2.22 ) and managed to brick it.
    Currently blue light on no signal on HDMI but connected to PC using USB and shorting pin 7 8 have connection to the box but I don’t have a suitable image file recognized by USB during tool ver 2.05.15 that goes through successfully always reports as unable to parse file.
    Please point me in the right direction to get a suitable file so that I can refresh back to a stable state ?


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