AMD “Seattle” Server CPU to Pack up to 16 ARM Cortex A57 Cores

AMD has published a roadmap for the rest of 2013 and 2014 for its server processors, and among all the x86 “Jaguar”, “Warsaw” and “Streamroller” CPUs, there’s an “oddity” with the “Seatlle” processor featuring up to 16 ARM Cortex A57 cores using ARMv8 64-Bit architecture.

AMD Server
AMD Server Roadmap – 2013-2014

“Seattle” will come with either 8- or 16-core CPU with ARM Cortex-A57 cores clocked at 2GHz or greater, and is expected to offer 2 to 4 times the performance of AMD Opteron X-Series processors (x86 APU SoC) with improvement in compute-per-watt.  “Seatlle” will handle up to 128GB DRAM, use offload engines for better power efficiency and reduced CPU loading, provides server caliber encryption, compression and legacy networking including integrated 10GbE. “Seattle” samples are expected to be available in Q1 2014, with production in H2 2014.

Via Liliputing

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Kelly Clowers
Kelly Clowers

>legacy networking including integrated 10GbE

Uh, how is 10GbE or hell, even 1GbE, “legacy”?


I read AMD is targeting *Atoms* with these ARM-CPUs. So my question is: how big is the Atom-server-business? Where is that used? Web hosting?

With VPSes on big Intel server-CPUs, I really wonder about the market of mini-CPUs (like Atom and ARM) for servers in general. I’ve seen a public for rented services on Atom …


@Sander Correction: I’ve NOT seen a public for rented services on Atom …


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