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$130 Giada Q11 Android PC Features an LVDS Port, a mini PCIe slot, a Battery and 2.5″ HDD Support

Giada Q11 is an Android media player powered by AllWinner A10 with 1GB RAM and 8GB flash, which are pretty low specifications by today’s standard, so I would probably not recommend using at home. However, it comes with some pretty rare ports and features: an LVDS port, a mini PCIe slot (for 3G module only), a COM port, and a 2200 mAh battery capable of driving displays. Those extra features could make it a pretty good solution for specific applications such as high definition digital signage players. If your setup does not support networking, and you need to store media files in the device, a 2.5″ for SATA hard drive is also available.

Giada Q11 Specifications:

The devices runs Android 4.0.4, and comes with a 12V/5A power adapter and power cord, an IR remote control, a  detachable WiFi antenna, rubber pads, and a user’s manual.

Since the device is powered by AllWinner A10, you should be able to install Linux with GPU acceleration, but you’d lose proper video playback which is one of the main advantage of this device.

Giada Q11 is available for about $130 on, and for various prices on Aliexpress. You may be able to find more information on Giada Q11 page, or probably better, read the review on TechpowerUp which also features lots of pictures (including internals), and screenshots.

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