$10 Rockchip RK2928 Miracast/DLNA Adapter Video Demo

Rockchip showcased an ultra low cost Linux-based Miracast adapter at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair in April, and we learned the device was powered by Rockchip RK2928 with just 16 MB RAM, a small NOR flash, and would just cost around $10.

Rockchip demonstrated the device to Charbax at Computex 2013 in early June, and he uploaded the video yesterday. The demo includes showing off Miracast and DLNA support, with the device connected to an HDTV @ 720p. The adapter as a latency as low as 80ms. Rockchip representative explains that as long as it’s below 100ms it’s not noticeable for typical use (but it might be different for games). They used AMOI N828 smartphone for the demo, but Miracast is supposed to work with any Android 4.2 devices supporting Wi-Fi direct, although I’ve read several users’ reports indicating that may not be the case in practice. The price is so low, that it may eventually be bundled with smartphones “for free”. Alternatively, if you already do own a Rockchip mini PC, you can just do the same with WiFiDiplay app provided by Rockchip.

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15 Replies to “$10 Rockchip RK2928 Miracast/DLNA Adapter Video Demo”

  1. in fact, we(geekbuying.com) already get this demo unit some days ago, however, after we test, it can’t work with samsung s3,s4, because of thd HDCP problem, and rockchip developer are working hard to check how to fix it. mayber the factory need to buy the license to make the samsung s3/s4 working.

    we are keep tracking this device, not just rockchip, there are also other chips, like realtek and actions are all working on this wireless dongles. we will pick up the best ones to sell, it will be soon.

  2. @Eric
    Roger who I believe visits this blog posted his experience, and found out Galaxy S4 may not be compliant with Miracast, so companies making those dongles may have to adapt their implementation to support Samsung Galaxy phones. http://android-minipc.azurewebsites.net/index.php/2013/07/tronsmart-mk908-miracast-fails-to-mirror-samsung-galaxy-s4-screen/

    I’ve seen devices based on Semi Actions ATV6003, but I don’t know about the Realtek chip. The retail price is closer to $25 / $30, and Miracast does not work for now, only DLNA.

  3. @cnxsoft,

    I do visit this site because cnxsoft provides realtime coverage of new events in the Android MiniPC and TVBox market. I became interested in Android when Windows Azure Mobile services started supporting non-Window OSes.

    Thanks, cnxsoft.

  4. @cnxsoft
    The Realtek chip ones will be sold @40usd or so with shipping, it can support samsung smartphone. like this one:


    however, wifi and heat is two main problem for this dongles.
    for Actions ones, the factory we worked, have DLNA, miracast working, but still suck on samsung smartphone support. the price yes, should be $25-$30.

    The $10 miracast dongle is just the pcba board price for rockchip rk2928, the retail price also need $25-$30. don’t know if people will jump in in this price.

  5. @Eric
    Thanks for the feedback. I think at $40 it will be a tough sell, because you can get an Android HDMI TV stick for this price with Miracast/DLNA/Airplay support.

    iPush (ATV6003) is already available for $25, and I think it’s a price that should get people by one. Now they just have to provide support for Miracast… Hopefully those who already bought one will be able to upgrade their firmware.

  6. what makes this better then chromecast are the wifi any different i have mk809 which has a rk3188 and android 4.2.2 it supports miracsast and mk808 also supports miracast i tested it myself also cs868 allwinner a31 also works it has airfire or something which is the same as miracast and thats running android 4.1. that makes me wonder that it may not be the android version that’s important it may be the kernel

  7. @adem
    Does miracast receiver work through an Android app? An app that depends on the HW SoC chip? Or a generic App that any android PC/phone/tablet can install?

  8. @Eric

    I bought this one from geekbuying and it is quite nice.

    It has two boot options, one for DLNA and the other for Miracast. The interface is well done and there are options to configure audio and video output settings.

    It does get very hot though. It is almost but not quite uncomfortabe to hold. This gives me concerns about its long term durability.

    But, I am happy with the purchase. I don’t want or need a full blown Android Mini PC so this is a good solution for me.

  9. I purchased one at 15 USD from amazon through a 3rd party vendor in China labeled as a zps miracast dongle but was indeed the rockchip. The dongle would not connect to my smartphone (sharp aquos crystal 306sh) on the stock firmware v1.0 . But I was able to update the firmware to v3.0 after a day scrolling through xda forums and noticed a big improvement through dlna and miracast worked for my phone. Miracast has a delay and will tend to lag terribly when I’m not super close to it. But $15 I’m more than satisfied with the results from dlna.

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