Pressy Adds a Physical Button to Your Phone via the Headphone Jack

As smartphones manufacturers are mostly getting rid off physical buttons on smartphones, Pressy is looking to add a smart one (think Morse code) via your headphone jack. It allows you do common tasks, such as turning on your flashlight, taking a quick photo, or calling your girl (or man), by the click, or a few clicks, of a button. This little add-on has already proved to be popular with some, as the developers have already raised $100,000 via Kickstarter for their $17 toy.


There’s does not seem to be anything special inside the button/jack, and all the “magic” occur with the app (Available for Android only at the moment), which let you configure action based on short/long key presses like you would do with Morse code.

If you want to use you headphone, simply remove Pressy, insert it in its optional key chain, and place your headphone to use them as usual. Your headphone button can also interact with Pressy app.

To see how it all works the best is probably to watch the Kickstarter video.

If you are a developer there are 3 ways to interact with Pressy:

  1. Develop an app or a service and utilize the Pressy button to launch it with your desired parameters.
  2. Initiate 3rd Party apps, like a specific task in TASKER.
  3. Embed Pressy in your own app to perform your specific in-app actions using Pressy’s API (free for Kickstarter backers).

You get pledge for the Pressy for $17, adding the key chain will cost a total of $20, and if you’re up for it, you can even get a Gold plated one for $45. Shipping is free to the US, but you need to add $5 for other countries. Delivery is expected for March 2014. If this gets popular, and seeing how basic the hardware is, we can probably expect ultra cheap Pressy clones by next year too.

Via Liliputing and Droid-Life

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