Geniatech ATV1800 Android TV Box To Feature AMLogic Quad Core Processor & Android 4.3

A few months ago, we learned AMLogic was working on a Quad core Cortex A9 SoC with the new ARM Mali-450MP6 (8 cores) GPU called AML8726-M8. It turns out AML8726-M8 may not only be one processor, but a family of processors (M801, M802, M803, and M805) according to a recent article in Chinese. This SoC was going to be part of Geniatech ATV1800 Android STB, but specifications were not available. More details have now surfaced.


Geniatech (aka Mygica) ATV1800 Enjoy TV Specifications:

  • SoC – AMLogic M801 or M802 Quad core Cortex A9 @ 1.6 to 2.0 GHz + ARM Mali-450MP6 GPU
  • System Memory –  2GB DDR3
  • Storage – 8GB NAND + microSD card slot
  • Video Output – HDMI 1.4 up to 1080p, and composite
  • Audio Output – HDMI, Stereo RCA output, and optical SPDIF (TBC)
  • Connectivity – 10/100M Ethernet, built-in 802.11 b/g/n WiFi, and Bluetooth
  • USB – 4 USB 2.0 host ports
  • Power Supply – 5.0V/2A or 12V/1.5A (depending where you read).
  • Power Consumption – 4 Watts (typical)
  • Dimensions – 168mm(L) x 132mm(W) x 21mm(T)
  • Weight: 402g

I’ve written these specifications based on several pages on Geniatech website, and the available pictures, so you should consider them preliminary, as there may be errors.

The company claims the device runs Android 4.3, the first STB I’ve personally seen with the latest version of Android Jelly Bean. There will also be a custom user’s interface, but you should also be able to access the standard Android UI, and Google Play will be installed. XBMC is also said to be supported. ATV1800 Enjoy TV will come with an HDMI cable, a user’s manual, a power adapter, and an IR remote control with 8 meter range. I’m not sure why they’d include an IR remote instead of a “fly mouse” with an high-end device, knowing how it’s difficult to use Android with a standard remote.


There’s no clear information about codec supported by the device, and they just list a few codecs and container formats (MPEG1/2/4, H.264, VC-1, WMV, AVI, MKV, MOV) on Geniatech ATV1800 page, but I’m sure there are more. The specifications list 1080p video decoding, but there’s also an UHD (2160p) logo which probably means the media player will be able to decode 2160p videos, but output up to 1080p.

I understand Geniatech is both a design house for AMLogic and a manufacturer (although actual manufacturing may be outsourced), and they sell devices under their own consumer brand, Mygica, and through partners such as Pivos. Inquiring mind may be able to find Mygica ATV1800 for $199.90 including shipping in Geniatech’s Aliexpress online store, but after contacting sales, they told me the device would only be available around the 20th of December, and the price will be lower.

As a side note, there’s also another STB called ATV580 Enjoy TV with a quad core processor, and quad core GPU (Mali-400). If there’s no typo in the GPU name, then it could strangely (Geniatech has only worked with AMLogic until now) be Rockchip RK3188, but if they meant Mali-450, it should be based on another AML8726-M8 processor either M803 or M805 both featuring a quad core ARM Mali-450 GPU.

And as another side note, some benchmark results have recently showed up on where they tested a 9.7″ tablet prototype (AML M802 K100) with 2048 x 1536 resolution and based on M802 processor @ 1.9GHz. The device got 25050 in Antutu 4, which seems to be a pretty decent score, and comparable to what you get with Samsung Galaxy S4.


Other benchmarks such as Vellamo, Sunspider, and Nenamark2 2.4, also returned impressive results.

Update: You may also want to check out an interesting article on that compares AMLogic M802 3D performance vs Rockchip RK3188 SoC used in CX-919, and shows Mali-450MP6 to be about twice as fast as Mali-400MP4.

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15 Replies to “Geniatech ATV1800 Android TV Box To Feature AMLogic Quad Core Processor & Android 4.3”

  1. Good stuff looks like a decent performer.

    Pivos have said they have a box coming at the end of the year, it might be one of these or not maybe it might still be Amlogic but no longer Geniatech manufactured.

    There is also Google’s reported phasing out of Google TV in favour of Android TV which is based off 4.2 or later with a Google TV services process which is how Google maintains a degree of control just like with the Google Play Services process. OEM’s are left up to making their own UI and app developers make a TV friendly version of their app, at least thats what is being guessed (LG was demoing boxes at a trade fair with that on their notes).

    If Android TV is waiting in the wings I would prefer boxes based on that then continuing on with the ways things have gone to date, some polish is badly needed on these devices.

  2. This is old news. My inside source told me that matricom is going to have the amlogic quad core released before the end of the year with xbmc fully integrated. Looks like geniatech is going to be a little behind on this one.

  3. geniatech are a good tv box manufacturer i bought one of their early boxes nioniq smart tv box i think these guys dont run away from putting good quality components in their products and despite being being late to the cortex a9 quad core range i think they did enough to make up for it with the mali-450 gpu

  4. but no detail if libstagefright is supported w/hw, it was a problem with previous mx chips…
    I hope the new chip come w/roms open source and supporting standard omx, libstagefright… also the new mali450 is fastest but no word if lima driver work, so waiting for linux confirmation.

  5. Seems like a high price for m801 stb.

    Dev boards and hardware models are still in beta production. Should a device pop up geniatech will be the first followed by all the others will brand there ODM boxes as there own and spin out substandard firmware.

  6. @MPAA
    The salesperson told me $199 would not be the retail price, and that they’d sell it for a cheaper price. I don’t know why they’ve listed it if they can’t take orders, and it has been there for months…

    Do you know if it is M801 or M802? I had to guess because the exact processor is not listed in the specs.

  7. SOC cost and normal china model would have me to put my money on 801.
    $199 would think this is more of a MSRP.

    Only one tablet i have seen as demo 802 was by Skyworth and they are holding on public product till next year.

    Any m8 product that is going to pop up on the market from 11/13 to 3/14. I feel for the customer and for Amlogic reputation.

    This product line has the goods to get things done but Sample run of m8 soc just hit geni less then a month ago. The real test for this product will be once the chips have a final revision.

    For true Amlogic fans keep your money in your pocket for 4 months until all the hardware revisions and soc is fully ready. Nothing worse then getting a device just to find out the next version has fixed all the bugs and yours will see limited updates due to limited production with sample chips.

  8. did a review in Spanish –

    Conclusion (Google translate):
    * Well-finished hardware
    * CPU power and 3D.
    * Correct Wifi with external antenna.
    * Native resolution 1080p.
    * Video Output AV standard.
    * Good image quality video.
    * Stretched stable high bitrates.
    * XBMC with hardware acceleration.
    * The standard remote control allows you to copy some other control functions.
    * Firmware quite stable.

    * The internal player is limited in video formats.
    * Just off completely disconnecting electricity. To turn it on you need to press the back button.
    * Problems of orientation and size on screen with some apps.
    * No support for standard gamepad.
    * Slow ethernet connection

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