Toradex Colibri VF50/VF61 SoMs Powered by Freescale Vybrid SoCs Sell for as Low as 19 Euros

Toradex Colibri VF50 and Colibri VF61 are system-on-modules respectively powered by Freescale Vyrbrid VF5xx Cortex A5 SoC and Vybrid VF6xx dual core Cortex A5/M4 SoC, which are part of the company’s Colibri ARM computer on modules.

Toradex Colibri VF61 SoM
Toradex Colibri VF61 SoM

Toradex Colibri VF50/VF61 specifications:

  • Processor
    • VF50 – Freescale Vybrid VF5xx (MVF50NN151CMK40) ARM Cortex-A5 @ 400MH, 1.5MB SRAM
    • VF61 – Freescale Vybrid VF6xx (MVF61NS151CMK50) ARM Cortex-A5 @ 500MHz, Cortex-M4 @ 167MHz, 1.0MB SRAM, and multiple hardware accelerated security features listed below.
  • System Memory
    • VF50 – 128MB DDR3 (16-bit, no ECC), or 64MB DDR3 with ECC (8-bit, ECC)
    • VF61 – 256MB DDR3 (16-bit, no ECC), or 128MB DDR3 (8-bit, ECC)
  • Storage
    • VF50 – 128MB NAND flash
    • VF61 – 1GB NAND flash
  • Interfaces via the 200-pin SO-DIMM edge connector (X1):
    • LCD RGB (24-bit), up to 1024 x 768
    • 4-wire or 5-wire resistive touch
    • Audio – I/O (VF61 only), SPDIF In and Out, I2S/AC97 compatibl Ehanced Serial Audio Interface (ESAC)
    • 16x (VF50) or 12x (VF61) 12-bit ADC
    • 2x 12-bit DAC (VF50 only)
    • 10-bit camera interface
    • Serial – 4x I2C, 4x SPI, 5x UART
    • 2x SD/SDIO/MMC
    • Up to 101 GPIOs
    • USB – USB 2.0 host, and USB 2.0 OTG
    • 10/100M Ethernet with auto MDI/MDI-X and IEEE 1588 RMII interface for 2nd Ethernet PHY on baseboard
    • 17 PMW
    • Audio SPDIF In and Out
    • 2x CAN
    • 2x Quad SPI
    • 2x Reference clock output
    • 4x Analog video ADC inputs (PAL/NTSC) for VF61 only
    • 6x Anti tamper signals (VF61 only)
  • Security features (VF61 only)  – Secure high assurance boot, AES, DES/3DES, SHA-1, SHA-224, SHA-256,  tamper detection, run-time integrity checker and security controller, random number generator (NIST SP 800-90) , secure JTAG controller (with electrical fuses), secure real-time clock, and universal unique ID
  • Power – 3.3V input
  • Temperature Range – Commercial: 0 to 70°C, Industrial: -40 to 80°C, and Storage: -55 to 100°C
  • Dimensions – 67.6 x 36.7 x 6.2 mm

Toradex modules are often used in industries that requires long term availability, and Colibri VF50/VF61 SoMs will be available until 2028, for a cool 15 years.

Both SoM support embedded Linux 3.0.15 (OpenEmbedded), Windows CE 5.0/6.0, as well as Android (on request), and Colibri VF61 also supports Freescale MQX running on the Cortex-M4 core. Information to get started with WinCE (Coming soon) or Linux can be accessed on their Wiki for VF50 and VF61.

I’ve noticed the SoM thanks to a video by Charbax (embedded at the bottom of the post) where we can see different baseboards (carrier boards) starting from their large and versatile Colibri Evaluation Board, to the tiny, yet functional, Iris carrier board (pictured below without SoM) that reminds me of the recent Improv (EOMA68) board, at least when it comes to form factor.

Toradex Iris Baseboard
Toradex Iris Baseboard

The board features DVI-I connector, as well as RGB and LVDS interfaces, a4/5 wire touch connector, an 10/100M Ethernet RJ45 connector, USB host and OTG ports, an header for 2x RS232 ports, an RTC clock with battery slot, and a 40-pin header with access to GPIO, I2C, SPI, PWM, and ADC pins.

Like most other system / computer on module companies, Toradex won’t release the complete hardware files for their SoMs, but they are more than happy to provide the full schematics (PDF and Altium), BoM, PCB layout, gerber, and manufacturing instructions files for their carrier boards so that customers can easily adapt them to their solution(s).

Block Diagram of Iris Carrier Board
Block Diagram of Iris Carrier Board

Colibri VF50/VF61 are available now. VF50 goes for as little as 19 Euros (MOQ: 10,000) to 33 Euros for single order, and VF61 costs as low as 28 Euros per unit for 10,000 pieces orders, and 49 Euros for one module. Iris carrier board are been around since 2011, and can be purchased for 32 Euros for 500 pieces order, or 59 Euros for one piece. So If you want carrier board plus VF50 SoM for evaluation it would cost 92 Euros (~$125), plus VAT if application, plus shipping.

Further information about the modules, and carrier boards, can be found on Toradex Colibri ARM computer modules page.

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