Android TV Box with Satellite (DVB-S2) Receiver Sells for $84

Last year, I wrote about DVB-S2 Android STB that are just like your typical Android media player except they allow you to connect your dish antenna to receive TV channels available via satellite. They were all based on AMLogic AML8726-M1/M3 single core processor, and I could not find an sellers at the time. There’s now a new model called EM6-S2 featuring AML8726-MX dual core processor, Android 4.2, and a DVB-S2 receiver with two antenna inputs that available on Aliexpress for $92.90 $84 from a seller with good feedback, as well as Geekbuying for $97.29.

EM6-S2Let’s go though the specifications:

  • SoC – AMLogic AML8726-MX dual cortex A9 @ 1.5 GHz + Mali-400MP2 GPU
  • System Memory – 1GB DDR3 RAM
  • Storage – 8GB NAND FLASH + SD card reader
  • Video & Audio Output – HDMI 1.4, AV
  • Audio Output – HDMI, AV, and optical SPDIF.  DOLBY TrueHD and DTS HD DOLBY TrueHD and DTS HD pass-through via HDMI (and SPDIF?)
  • USB – 2x USB host ports
  • DVB-S2 Support with DTV IN and OUT
  • Connectivity – 10/100M Ethernet, 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi
  • Misc – Power Indicator (LED). ON :blue, Standby :Red
  • Power Supply – 12V/1.5A

DVB-S2_AndroidThe device runs Android 4.2.2, and comes with an IR remote, a 12V/1.5A power adapter, AV and HDMI cables, and a user’s manual in English. I’m not exactly sure which application is used to watch TV, and/if this works with XBMC Android. The manufacturer appears to be Eny Technology, and they also make EM6-T2 with DVB-T2 support which sells for a little over $90 on Aliexpress and Geekbuying.


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35 Replies to “Android TV Box with Satellite (DVB-S2) Receiver Sells for $84”

  1. These devices (the dvb-s2 and dvb-t2) were available at 84$ (includes shipping) on Aliexpress few week ago and I’m guessing due to high demand the supplier decided to raise the price.
    The AV is analog audio and video, the SPDIF is optical I haven’t seen coaxcial SPDIF in the pictures maybe it’s a different model but I didn’t seen one with coaxial yet.
    Some Aliexpress stores doesn’t list the support in passthrough of hd audio codecs like DTS-HD so I’m not quite sure about it.
    I wouldn’t expect DVB tuner support in XBMC, maybe in Linux, see CronicCoery Linux builds on XDA.
    The latest time I’ve checked Android 4.2.2 on Amlogic 8726-MX/M6 there was still an issue with the deinterlacing filter (static images like logos and bar were jumping around and also had some “noisy” lines around them), any cheapass DVB tuner will do a better job (although this may have been solved in a more recent 4.2.2 version).

  2. Also checkout Geniatech PT115 USB DVB or Geniatech ATV1220 Android box

    None of these DVB TV tuner receivers will however not work with XBMC yet since upstream Tvheadend back-end server have not been ported to run natively on Android

    Once Tvheadend or other TV tuning back-end server have been ported to run natively on Android then this would work great with XBMC

  3. @dhead
    interesting that they say they do DVB T2 as in the UK terrestrial HD public broadcasting Freeview HD , but i was under the impression that no other countries use it’s T2 QAM spec ? so why priced at US $ and no UK users that dont have T2

    looking at your link its also only mentioning DVB-T Support not also DVB-T2 Support in the Main Features section but above that it does say T2 so is it usable for UK HDTV T2 capture and streaming

  4. Anyone got the DVB-T2 and care for a teardown ?

    I mainly would like to know what DVB-T2 related device are used, I’m guessing there are between one to three related devices inside.

    I think the only DVB-T2 demodulator driver Amlogic supplies with the Linux kernel is for the Silicon Labs SI2168.
    I’ve got no knowledge on driver development but I think the dvb drivers Amlogic suppies with the Linux kernel are not 100% compatible with V4l-DVB API.

    I’m would love to get the dvd tuner working in Linux and I’m thinking to donate a device for CronicCorey and another to a Media Tree kernel developer (maybe Antti Palosaari) but currently I can do only one, if anyone else is able to donate a device to one these developer let me know and I’ll donated to the other.

  5. Is DVB-T2 generally backwardly compatible with DVB-T? (The enybox page mentions their T2 version can handle DVB-T, but wikipedia doesn’t spell this out.)

  6. Another seller Video,I was trying to get one with atsc,for terrestrial
    In USA last year,and they took almost 9 month to have the product available,the send an email
    A month ago saying that the problem is about the software, I did replay,to get one sample of the device, but no response.looking for some real reviews

  7. @onebir

    Google tells us (via

    “DVB-T2 vs. DVB-T

    A major advantage of DVB-T2 is it delivers up to 50 percent more bandwidth than DVB-T. With the same airwaves, this enables Singapore national broadcaster MediaCorp to increase its total number of digital TV channels from four to seven. Among these channels, four of them will be transmitted in HD quality. Note that, while DVB-T2 is backward compatible with DVB-T, DVB-T tuners will not be able to receive the newer DVB-T2 signals.”

  8. DVB stands for Digital Video Broadcasting which is a standard that is used in many countries and DVB have three different delivery methods (terrestrial, cable, and satellite) and currently two versions of each of those delivery methods, with receivers for the second version being backwards compatible with the first version broadcasts.

    DVB-T terrestrial television over-the-air broadcasting is one unified standard for all countries that have DVB-T. DVB-T2 terrestrial over-the-air broadcasting is one unified standard for all countries that have DVB-T2, and DVB-T2 is backward compatible with DVB-T(1).

    DVB-C cable television broadcasting is one unified standard for all countries that have DVB-C. DVB-C2 is one unified standard for all countries that have DVB-C2, and DVB-C2 is backward compatible with DVB-C(1).

    DVB-S satellite television broadcasting is one unified standard for all countries that have DVB-S. DVB-S2 is one unified standard for all countries that have DVB-S2, and DVB-S2 is backward compatible with DVB-S(1).

    For other large incompatible video broadcasting standards, like ATSC (North America), DMB (China), ISDB (Japan / South America) which do not belong to the DVB standard see:

  9. DVB-T2 receivers are backwards compatible with DVB-T broadcasts. DVB-T2 is not just used in the UK. It’s also in use in Sweden, Russia, Serbia, Finland amongst others. The UK was the first major region to launch a DVB-T2 service, but is not the only region to use the technology. Any country rolling out a new digital TV system, or adding to an existing one, is going to consider T2, as it is much more efficient than T. (It’s also not limited to use with HD systems, though the UK use the launch of HD to roll it out, as existing DVB-T boxes in the UK were not usually HD compatible)

    A $ price is common in websites selling to multiple countries.

  10. Two low cost models available on Aliexpress both about 76$: GK526S (DVB-S2) and GK526T (DVB-T2) both comes with a remote that feature an air mouse but no the usual multimedia keys (like: play, next …).

    I also found out that the VS IP015 (Amlogic MX, DVB-T2) includes the Silicon Labs SI2168 demodulator (that got a Linux driver) so I’ll take the chance and order EM6-T2 and try to get it working in Linux.

  11. I’ve been told “Amlogic MX chip is out of stock in market, so all of the MX series tv box will be out of stock for a while”, so if you plan to buy one, you may have to wait for a while.

  12. cnxsoft :
    I’ve been told “Amlogic MX chip is out of stock in market, so all of the MX series tv box will be out of stock for a while”, so if you plan to buy one, you may have to wait for a while.


    Thanks, good to know, now I understand why I’ve seen some sellers removing the EM6-T2 from their listing.
    I’ve just ordered one yesterday so I hope I won’t find myself waiting more than my latest record for Chinese shipping time which took 9 weeks.

  13. what can I say, I just received my EM6 S2 mx, the DVB S2 version, and I’m very very disappointed
    the DVB part is a mess, the defaut DVB player is very very basic, with only the minimum options you can get, and very laggy, impossible to use on daily bases, I successed to install TVHEADEND for android, but it didn’t reconize the tuner AVL6211, all in all, if I can’t do something (another firmware) or pure linux installation, I think I’m gonna return it

  14. Hi all.
    I love this product.
    but i think it is more perfect if it can connect to a PC.
    using as a DVB-S2 turner, thanks

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