Linaro 14.06 Release with Linux Kernel 3.15 and Android 4.4.3

Linaro 14.06 has been released last week with Linux Kernel 3.15 (baseline), Linux Kernel 3.10.44 (LSK), and Android has been updated to 4.4.3.

One interesting development this month is that Android for ARMv8 (64-bit ARM) is booting on the fast models using ARM Trusted firmware and U-Boot.  SELinux has been enabled in Android. I could not see much new member hardware, except possibly B2120 (HDK) reference board for STMicro STiH407 “Monaco” STB SoC.

Here are the highlights of this release:

  • Linux Linaro 3.15-2014.06
    • GATOR version 5.18 (same version as in 2014.04)
    • updated basic Capri board support from Broadcom LT
    • cortex-strings-arm64 topic (same as in 2014.02)
    • updated Versatile Express ARM64 support (FVP Base and Foundation models, Juno) from ARM LT.
    • updated Versatile Express patches from ARM LT
    • more HiP0x Cortex A15 family updates from HiSilicon LT (hip04_eth, hip04_defconfig)
    • updated LLVM topic
    • Big endian support (same as in 2014.05)
    • ftrace_audit topic from the Kernel WG (same as in 2014.05)
    • config fragments changes – android: Enable SELinux related configurations
  • Linaro Toolchain Binaries 2014.06
    • based on GCC 4.9 and updated to latest Linaro TCWG releases
    • Linaro GCC 4.9-2014.06
    • Linaro Binutils 2.24.0-2014.06
    • Linaro GDB 7.7.1-2014.06
  • Linaro Android 14.06 – Built with Linaro GCC 4.8-2014.05, upgraded to Android 4.4.3
  • Linaro OpenEmbedded 2014.06
    • integrated Linaro GCC 4.9-2014.06
    • integrated Linaro EGLIBC 2.19-2014.06
    • integrated Linaro binutils 2.24-2014.06
    • integrated Linaro GDB 7.7.1-2014.06
    • integrated powerdebug 0.7.3
    • several ODP updates
    • upstreaming: fixed hwlatdetect metadata,  fixed recipes related to oe-core binconfig changes: apache2, php and swig, and updated PM QA to 0.4.11
  • Linaro Ubuntu 14.06
    • added openssh-server to the images, SSH keys are generated on first boot.
    • updated packages: ARM trusted firmware (0.7), openssl (1.0.1h), PM QA (0.4.11), powerdebug (0.7.3), powertop (2.6.1), LSK 3.10.44 and linux-linaro 3.15 kernels.
  • ARMv8 Ubuntu engineering build for Enterprise
  • Android for ARMv8 is booting with ARM Trusted firmware and U-Boot on Models
  • CI loop has been setup for Juno Android member build
  • CI bring up: ST B2120 engineering build
  • Build rootfs image for toolchain benchmarking
  • CI bring up: HiSilicon Hi3716cv200
  • CI bring up: ARM64 kexec build and regression test setup
  • CI bring up: Juno OpenEmbedded member build
  • LSK: add RT patchset CI loop
  • LSK: add Juno CI loop
  • Build Ubuntu rootfs image for toolchain automation framework
  • SELinux is enabled on LSK with Android 4.4.3 for ARMv7

You can visit for a list of known issues, and further release details about the LEB and community builds, Android, Kernel, Graphics, Multimedia, Landing Team, Platform, Power management and Toolchain (GCC / Qemu) components.

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