AllWinner A80 Linux SDK Released

After Android 4.4 SDK for AllWinner A31 last week, another AllWinner software development kit has been seen in the wild, this time for the new AllWinner A80 octa-core processor. A80 SDK includes source code for the Linux Kernel and U-boot, as well as buildroot, and various AllWinner tools. I’ve also noticed AllWinner A80 datasheet is available, but with the strict minimum information (45 pages).


Let’s get the code, and extract it:

Now we need to configure the build:

sun9i is the codename for AllWinner A80, not sure what w1p1 means. Dragonboard must be the internal Allwinner development board, but I just selected Linux, since the SDK does not come with Android, and finally I opted for optimus, which could stand for OptimusBoard.

You may need to install extra dependencies in your build machine, for example (in Ubuntu 14.04):

Now let’s start buildroot which should retrieve the toolchain, and build u-boot and the Linux kernel:

So it’s looking for Linaro gcc via several servers, (except linaro), and all links fail… So I modified buildroot/toolchain/toolchain-external/ to use instead, and after adding some symlinks (arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc to arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc), it went a little further, but Busybox failed to build (error: ‘RLIMIT_FSIZE’ undeclared), so another toolchain may be needed, or some work is needed to make it build…

Several drivers in the kernel are binary only, or mixed binary / source, including the NAND driver, part of dram frequency scaling drivers, some MIPI code, a face detection library, part of USB3.0 code, and more.

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