H88 HummingBird Development Board Powered by Allwinner A80 Comes with 4GB RAM, Built-in GPS, 4G LTE Support

Merrii Technology is having some fun churning out Allwinner A80 development boards, and after A80 OptimusBoard, H8 Hummingbird, here comes H88 HummingBird. The new board is somewhat similar to H8, but is quite larger, and features 4GB RAM, built-in GPS, and a few other goodies.

H88_HummingBirdH88 HummingBird specifications:

  • SoC – AllWinner A80 octa-core processor with 4x Cortex 15, 4x Cortex A7 cores in big.LITTLE configuration with Imagination Technologies PowerVR GC6230 GPU compliant with OpenGL ES 3.0/2.0/11, OpenCL 1.1, and DirectX 9.3
  • System Memory – 4GB DDR3
  • Storage – 8GB internal storage (Hynix H27UCG8T2BTRBC), micro SD slot up to 32 GB
  • Video Output/ Display Interfaces
    • HDMI 1.4 up to 4K UHD resolution
    • RGB/LVDS interface
    • EDP LCD + TP interface
    • MIPI LCD interface
    • VGA output
  • Audio – HDMI, headphone jack,LINE-IN,
  • Camera I/F – Parallel and MIPI CSI interface. Integrated 16MP camera
  • Connectivity – Gigabit Ethernet (Realtek RTL8211D/E), dual band Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n & Bluetooth 4.0, GPS with external antenna
  • USB – 1x USB 3.0 OTG, 2x USB 2.0 host ports
  • Debugging – UART, JTAG
  • Expansion
    • mini PCIe slot for 4G module
    • Header with access to GPIOs, ADC, HSIC, UART, SPI, I2C and Power Signals
  • Misc – IR receiver, reset and power LEDs, power switch, Reset, power and u-boot buttons, 6x ADC keys, RTC with battery
  • Power Supply – 12V via power barrel, battery, or 4V via USB OTG port; PMIC: AXP806 + AXP809 PMIC
  • Dimensions – 188 x 155 x 35 mm

H88_HummingBoard_3D_ViewThe company provides support for Android 4.4.2 and Linux 3.4 for the board, including source code. However, based on past experience, support is not that good, especially for non-Chinese speakers. You can find some more details including headers’ pinout on Merrii H88 Hummingbird page. There’s no price information, but it looks like the board might be used in A80 Pro development kit that sells for $1,300 on Aliexpress….

Thanks to mininodes for the tip.

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14 Replies to “H88 HummingBird Development Board Powered by Allwinner A80 Comes with 4GB RAM, Built-in GPS, 4G LTE Support”

  1. Instead of properly support older boards (like OptimusBoard on my desk which is turned off) they make another one 🙂

  2. From http://linux-sunxi.org/GPL_Violations


    Allwinner has repeatedly violated the GPL, (and by proxy so are most hardware manufacturers and resellers using or selling products based on Allwinner chipsets). Either by not providing (Linux/Android) kernel or u-boot source at all, or by delivering trees with pre-built binaries and no matching source code. They even blatantly use LGPLed license code in their userspace libraries for media decoding.


    If one wishes to run GNU/Linux, it is best to avoid flagrant GPL violators.

  3. @Alfred Braithewaite
    You are virtually out of options for any ready to use electronics if you REALLY want to be FLOSS compatible (w/o any GPL violations), only real way would be to synthesize your own ASIC (is there any FLOSS/GPL ASIC synthesizers that actually work? And even then they produce licensed/patented GDS II) off opencores.org cores.

    So people that would like to support FLOSS way need to always compromise themselves in one way or another. 🙁

    Only way to do 100% FLOSS system(s) would to have GPL3-compliant 3D circuit “printer” that generates the “transistors” and alike directly off C/C++/whatever languages… Doable? (wink wink, “someone” is already working on such thingie)

  4. @anon
    Anon,are you working for Allwinner ?
    What’s your point? No one is talking about IC , no one demand all chips should be FLOSS.
    99% EDA and IC vendors respect GPL ,they modify the give back,the rest 1% are like Allwinner.
    Allwinner pay license fees to IP providers, cause they have no choice,no pay no gain, or to be sued, period.
    It took GNU code for grant and ignore GPL, cause its all FREE(as free beer),and no one come out to sue them so far.

  5. @Ruby
    Hmm, you took my comment a bit backwards, I was just pointing out to the previous commented that brought up GPL violations that you need to grant few omissions (compromise) of 100% pure FLOSS mentality to use ANY kind of electronics (unless it is 100% your own design, and only for your own use, never to be sold commercially (or even given out for free)).

    I do agree that most EDA/IC vendors do respect GPL, that’s why they use/make proprietary applications/software/firmware/hardware (that can be sold for profit). 😉

    And no, I do not work for any of the ARM companies (or their subsidiaries), my work is purely off-line. (heh)

  6. @anon

    you need to grant few omissions (compromise) of 100% pure FLOSS mentality to use ANY kind of electronics (unless it is 100% your own design, and only for your own use, never to be sold commercially (or even given out for free)).

    Actually you do not since there are a number of “pure” FLOSS GNU/Linux distributions which will run satisfactorily on quite a lot of hardware. Granted by avoiding proprietary blobs entirely, some elements of a PC may not work, wireless usually being the culprit, and also optimal graphics acceleration.

    The point I was making was that Allwinner do not just use proprietary blobs to supplement GPL code as do numerous hardware manufacturers and although not ideal, does not in its-self violate the GPL licence of software, but that is documented that Allwinner actually modify GPL code and distribute binary versions of the modification without releasing the source code which is a fundamental violation of the GPL.

    So in summary, additional binary blobs to get hardware to work (as is done by AMD/ATI and nVidia for their graphics cards, by TBS for their DVB devices) is far from ideal but tolerable, but what Allwinner do is in no way acceptable and their products should therefore be shunned until such time as they make amends.

  7. @Alfred Braithewaite
    Yep, but fully pure FLOSS software running on ARM is scarce at best (Odroids with Exynos are the closest, but even their software involves using binary blobs to get “everything” out of them), personally running Gentoo Linux on my ARM systems, so at least I try to use as blob-free systems as possible, sure it means only being able to use some features of the whole, and it sucks to not have free/open graphics drivers (for example), but that is the status currently.

    Thus my rant about doing your own architecture and chips. 😉

    The most FLOSS-like system today is pretty much the Intel IGP-based x86 systems (as Intel still has the best CPU/GPU FLOSS drivers around), but those of course are working at different markets (for now) than all these el-cheapo Chinese ARM sticks/boards.

  8. Hi all!

    Clearly, I do not recommand SDK from this company (Merrii), since recent experience with my company:
    – SDK is poor, they talked about opensource and full compliant/available for Linux => we were waiting
    – Documentation, they give the document available from AllWinner, but they forgot they modify the board (one week loose, after many mail, because there is no SW3 button like on AllWinner pdf…)
    – Paragraph about Linux on documentation is not present, but they make reference on first page…
    – About power/instructions, we are surprised to see many good points about encoding possibility ( Real TIME encoding 4K resolution in H264, and old document talked about 4K encode in H265 !!!), but no OpenMax and not last NEON implementation…

    It’s not simple to work with a low board like Raspberry Pi (all version)

  9. I forget, if you have this board, we recommand to go to PCDuino, Cubietech or Linux-sunxi team…
    You will have more informations!!

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