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EZCap 280 Records Videos up to 1080p via HDMI or Component

The recent release of Mstar 9810 based media players with video recording capabilities via HDMI input such as Zidoo X9 and Egreat A9, as made me wonder about standalone 1080p HDMI recording boxes, so I’ve had a look, and several products are available, but EZCap 280 seems one of the most affordable and popular, and beside HDMI input, it can also take component input.

Some of EZCap 280 specifications:


I could not find any tear-down, so I don’t have details about the internal of the device. The recorder comes with a short HDMI cable, a YPbPr cable with audio, a power supply (There’s may be versions with mini USB or power barrel), a CD (with some video editing software), and a user’s manual in English. One seller also mentions the maximum recorded file size is 2GB, and that the system records at up to 140MB/minute (8.4GB/hour), meaning the maximum video length could be around 15 minutes in the worst case… [Update: More on that via Alixpress:

The max size per file will be around 1.95GB (around 15 minutes for 1080p video), when you record a video more than 1.95GB(15 minutes), ezcap280 will partition it in more than 1 file, for example: if you record a 45 minutes 1080p video by one click recording, you will see 3 files: Encode_1080P_1,Encode_1080P_1_1, Encode_1080P_1_2…and so on

When I reviewed Zidoo X9, several asked me about HDCP support for example to record games from a PS3 or Xbox 360 game console, but I had no definitive answer to provide. For EZcap 280 however, it’s pretty clear it’s working fine [Update: HDCP is not working. PS3 / Xbox recording is done via the component input (See comments below)], based on the number of videos recorded with the device. Another interesting feature is the microphone connection that allows you to talk while the video is being recorded, and mix your voice with the video’s audio, which can be useful for both reviewers and gamers, but unfortunately it only works with component, not HDMI. You’ll need to press the record button to start recording.

Typical Connection Diagram

EZCap 280 can be purchased on various online retailers including Aliexpress and DHGate for about $70, as well as on Amazon, Ebay, or DealExtreme for a few more dollars.

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