Allwinner H-Series OTT SoC Roadmap Adds H5 and H2+ Processors

Previously Allwinner only had A-Series processor such as A10 that were used in tablets and media players, but they’ve recently launch H-series processors for “Home entertainment” such as H64, H8 or H3 SoCs that have been specifically designed for media players and OTT (Over-the-top) boxes. The company has unveiled its OTT SoC roadmap at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair which adds two new processors Allwinner H2 and Allwinner H5.


Allwinner H2+ will a quad core Cortex A7 processor support H.265 video decoding, 1080p decoding, and TrustZone support, and should the cheapest processor of the family. Based on the chart above, the processor must have been sampling by the end of last year, so H2+ media players should come to market very soon.

Allwinner H5 will be at the other end of the scale, featuring eight Cortex A53 cores, a 4K H.265 decoder, an H.265 encoder (1080p?), and TrustZone support as all their other recent processors. The processor is expected in Q2 2015 (That’s now), so I assume products will hit the shelves by the end of the year.

NetbookItalia also filmed a few products with Allwinner H8 and H3 processors, as well as a largish Allwinner H64 development board for OTT box (not Nobel64) that will run Android 5.0 on top of Linux 3.10.


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12 Replies to “Allwinner H-Series OTT SoC Roadmap Adds H5 and H2+ Processors”

  1. natsu :
    finally some Post Processing for Android Devices, the Display Engine looks promising

    natsu, real issue is no hw decoding supported under Linux 🙁 lib cedarX is still too much closed and they are not willing to share any details to help devs to enable hw decoding and acelleration of audio/video under linux

  2. @kusta
    the last release of CedarX a month ago was “partially” open source I think, but is not enough, one thing though, the CedarX engine is really good with an excellent video playback, my Onda V989 with A80T can play H.264 @ 180 Mbps without breaking a sweat, I hear that some folks have done some successful reverse engineering on the binary of cedarX and it worked just fine with archlinux

  3. @natsu
    The status of the reverse-engineered open source driver is available @

    The page has not been updated since early 2014, not sure if there is progress.

    Allwinner wants to expands its OTT business so I’m confident video support will improve, just because their customers will require it. Improvements may not mean open source, but at least better working video libraries in Linux.

  4. Specs indeed changed. Allwinner said:

    Both the A64 and H5 are quad-core A53 processors. The main difference is the H5 has better video processing power and is aimed at devices that require heavier video processing output for example TV boxes.

    So it looks like H5 is the new H64 on their roadmap.

  5. @cnxsoft
    Thanks for forwarding the answer. Well, I wouldn’t call something ‘specs’ that’s non-existent 😉 — H5 is not even mentioned on Allwinner’s pages at all.

    H64 came with PMIC support (Jide’s Remix Mini uses AXP803) while H5 does obviously not. And I’m still wondering whether the 3 USB host ports that can be seen on the new Orange Pis come from an USB hub or directly from the SoC (then H5 would be the first cheap A53 SoC with IO bandwith that doesn’t suck)

  6. @tkaiser
    I meant the basic specifications like the core type, number of cores, etc…
    Allwinner H5 page will be up this week, and I’ve been told I’ll get the product brief soon.

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