Eny EKB368 TV Box with Rockchip RK3368 Runs Android 5.1

We’ve had a first glimpse at RK3368 Android TV Boxes when Rockchip showcased X6 TV box during one of their events. However, that box was targeting the Chinese market only, but Eny Technology informed me they are about to launch EKB368 TV box destined to overseas markets.
Eny EKB368 specifications:

  • SoC – Rockchip RK3368 octa core Cortex A53 processor @ 1.5 GHz with PowerVR G6110 GPU with support for OpenGL ES 1.x/2.0/3.x, OpenGL 3.2, DirectX 9.3, OpenCL 1.2 EP, and Renderscript
  • System Memory – 2 GB DDR3 (Option: 1GB)
  • Storage – 8GB NAND flash (Options: 4GB/8GB/16GB/32GB) + micro SD card slot up to 32GB
  • Video Output – HDMI 2.0 up to 4K @ 60Hz
  • Audio Output – HDMI, 3.5mm audio jack, optical S/PDIF
  • Connectivity – Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n/ac and Bluetooth 4.0 (AP6335 by default)
  • USB – 2x USB 2.0 host ports, 1x micro USB OTG port
  • Power Supply – 5V/2A
  • Dimensions – N/A

EKB368Remember that although RK3368 has eight 64-bit ARM cores, these are “LITTLE” Cortex A53 cores @ 1.5 GHz instead of the faster Cortex A17 cores @ 1.8GHz used in RK3288, meaning RK3368 product performance should be lower RK3288, but obviously from a marketing point of view “64-bit octa core ARM processor” looks great. Eny is normally not using eMMC flash in their product, but slower NAND flash instead, so you cannot expect very fast boot time or apps loading times. However, network connectivity is pretty good on paper with Gigabit Ethernet and 802.11ac, HDMI 2.0 is supported, and Android 5.1 should also offer a performance boost compared to Android 4.4 used in RK3288 mini PCs.

Pricing is not public yet, but the box should start selling next month. To get a rough idea of the price, Gabe found out CSA90 TV box also powered by RK3368, but with only 1GB RAM, sells for $76.99 including shipping by EMS, so at least pricing of RK3368 mini PCs should be fairly competitive.

You can also visit Eny’s EBK368 product page.

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43 Replies to “Eny EKB368 TV Box with Rockchip RK3368 Runs Android 5.1”

  1. “but slower NAND flash instead, so you can expect very fast boot time or apps loading times”
    You mean slower boot times and longer app loading times?

    Also RK3288 devices will get Lollipop firmware in mid June.
    In June, Windows 10 will also be released for RK3288.
    For RK3288 owners, no need to upgrade just yet.

  2. Wont be slower guys common thats false rumors it really depends if it will ship with 64bit os and gapps to take full potentials of the system. But if nand is slow thats a huge let down!
    Clearing things out, dont expect huge gains over 32800 but it should be slightly faster

  3. Loving that it is coming with HDMI 2.0 and 802.11AC but do wish it has USB 3.0 as well. I could easily live with a slower nand and slightly slower processor to get HDMI 2.0 and 802.11AC with a fresh Android 5.1 at a sub USD $100 price!

    Also, wouldn’t 8 cores of Cortex A53 mean this is true 8 core processor whereas the traditional big.little architecture only ever has 4 cores on at once; either 4 big or 4 little at once?

  4. @mo123
    I recognize your name, so you’re probably in a position to know, but where did you hear rk3288 will get Lollipop in mid-June? I’ve been searching for a while now and your comment is the first bit of info I have found.

  5. @Demetris

    Hardware decoding is not supported at all. We need to use external player to watch movies in Kodo. Rockchip and Allwinmer are two worst SoC companies on market.

  6. also guys if your looking buying this octa core box make sure you read the page because $77 is for the 1gig ram and 8gig rom its more for the the 2gig ram and 16gig rom version.

    We’ll send 1GB+8GB to you default if you’re not leave any message about the memory you need;
    So..if you want to order 2GB+16GB, pls leave a message to inform us to change the price for you. ^^

    CAS90 1GB+8GB: $76.99
    CAS90 2GB+16GB: $102.99

  7. Tired_ :
    I recognize your name, so you’re probably in a position to know, but where did you hear rk3288 will get Lollipop in mid-June? I’ve been searching for a while now and your comment is the first bit of info I have found.

    My TV Box’s manufacturer told me Rockchip released RK3288 Lollipop SDK to manufacturers in the 3rd week of May. The manufacturer hopes to release a stable Lollipop firmware in mid-June.
    Now it’s up to manufacturers to modify the code for their specific boxes, some will release Lollipop in June others maybe later.
    There is also a older beta Lollipop ROM for RK3288 on Firefly download page but for tablets but also works on RK3288 TV Boxes but because it’s for tablets things like remotes, TV Out and sound doesn’t work.

    Rockchip also told me they will release Windows 10 SDK in June.

    Another user on Freaktab forum also has working hardware accelerated video working in Kodi on Linux on RK3288 but will release a package in 2-3 weeks to the public and code to Github.

  8. Gamal :

    Even cheaper price
    This looks like a decent box from the outside.
    Have to see photos also from the inside to check RAM and heatsink(if any).
    Maybe we will see after it gets reviewed by someone.

  9. “Remember that also RK3368 has eight 64-bit ARM cores”
    I believe this should be “Remember that _although_ RK3368 has eight 64-bit ARM cores”

  10. a) @rafael Duarte
    My understanding (and the wikipedia article on big.Little seems to agree) is that big.LITTLE is by definition implemented with two different kinds of cores (the big and LITTLE ones). Since this chip has 8 A53 cores, it is not a big.LITTLE one.

    b) @rafael Duarte
    Again, according to both my understanding and the wikipedia article above, it is not true that big.LITTLE processors are not “true 8-core”. This depends on the software used. Quoting from wikipedia,

    “The most powerful use model of big.LITTLE is heterogeneous multi-processing (MP), which enables the use of all physical cores at the same time. Threads with high priority or computational intensity can in this case be allocated to the “big” cores while threads with less priority or less computational intensity, such as background tasks, can be performed by the “LITTLE” cores.

    Upstream big.LITTLE GTS patches were incorporated into the mainline Linux kernel starting with Linux 3.10. This model has been implemented in the Samsung Exynos 5 Octa (5420, 5422, 5430, 5433), 7 Octa (7420) and Hexa (5260).”

  11. This unit not only just has 1gb ram & 8gb rom, it only supports 2.4ghz wifi. I’d opt for the $106 version that has 2gb ram & 8gb rom as well as dual band wifi support.

    My 2¢ worth.


  12. I recently purchased box tv csa90 16 GB .
    Unfortunately, after just two weeks it is blocked . the blue LED stays on and does nothing . I tried to restore with PC Windows 7 but can not connect . I tried to update the driver , but I can not install on a PC.
    If someone helps me , I would be very grateful .

  13. Thank you again for having responded so quickly and very easily .
    Unfortunately now I am come out another problem .
    Box TV only works with AV, while not recognizing HDMI .
    Needless to say that the setting is ok .
    I ask if I can do anything , really very sorry not being able to enjoy the quality HDMI .
    Many thanks.

  14. @cnxsoft did you encounter issues with this box? I’m trying to run game bench which requires root, and the root on this box is strange.. It does not include superuser or supersu and so cannot manage permissions. If I try to install supersu, when I open it I get a black screen which eventually ejects back to the desktop. Any idea how to bypass that? thanks!

  15. On my Z4 (similar to ekb368 ) I flashed rk3368_5.1_Z4_ap6335_zhongxing_20151121.zip from http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?s=&sh…ost&p=44789506 but its OTG is stops working no devices can be detected if I use OTG cable. No Issue with Cable. Does someone face similar issues. OTG is also not deteded in Bootloader mods as well.

    Also USB host port issue I am facing my portable HDD many times are not detected on both USB host ports due to poer shortage.

    Can someone help.

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