$24 Wall Socket Router Includes WiFi, Ethernet, USB, and a Phone Jack

There are already several small routers or repeater that you can connect to a wall socket, but that’s not what I’m taking about here, as I’ve been informed about a wall socket, or gang box, being the router itself. It supports 802.11 b/g/n WiFi, and features two RJ45 Ethernet ports, an RJ11 phone jack, and a USB port for 3G dongle or charging mobile devices.

“In-color” wall router specifications and features:

  • SoC, memory and storage – Unknown
  • Connectivity
    • 802.11 b/g/n with support for WiFi relay, WiFi hotspot
    • 2x Ethernet LAN ports (external), 1x Ethernet WAN port (internal)
    • RJ11 phone jack
  • USB – USB port up to 5V/2A for charging, USB mass storage, or a 3G USB dongle
  • Misc – Power on/off button for USB port?, two terminal blocks for mains and phone line.
  • Power Supply – AC 110V-240V or PoE

The product description also mentions the router supports cloud storage, DLNA and Samba. It also indicates ADSL is supported, and that the RJ45 Ethernet port support Hotel mode/ADSL mode, whatever that means.

DealExtreme sells this product for $23.93 shipped, but I could find some different models on Aliexpress for about $30 here and there.

Thanks to Onebir for the tip.

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13 Replies to “$24 Wall Socket Router Includes WiFi, Ethernet, USB, and a Phone Jack”

  1. Hm… Begs for a teardown, doesn’t it? $24 makes it compelling as long as they didn’t cripple it too much to get to that price.

  2. 2 notes for American readers:
    Firstly, this won’t quite match up with an American double box (it’s intended for a European 85mm box).
    Secondly, putting low-voltage and high-voltage wiring into the same box violates (American) electrical code (you can do it if you have a divided box, but this isn’t going to work in one), so you’d need to install with the power-over-ethernet option to be legal (on an in-wall install in the US, anyway).

    Would be nifty to see the Fine Manual to see the gory details of available (or at least claimed) functionality.

  3. I would be interested to know more about the phon jack; do you thinkthat yo can make calls using an old analog phone if you have connected an 3G USB dongle with a SIM-card?

  4. We can only speculate about the exact features, since the description is not very detailed, and I could not find the manufacturer page.

    1. @Umar . It’s probably better to assume it’s 10/100M considering the price.
    2. @Harley . The phone jack is probably just for a phone, as I can see one terminal port where you can connect the phone line on the back. There’s also a possibility it’s for ADSL only, but again I’m not sure.

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