How to Stream Video from Zidoo X9 / Tronsmart Pavo M9’s HDMI Input

Zidoo X9 and Tronsmart Pavo M9 are TV boxes based on Mstar MSO9180D1R processor and featuring an HDMI input port that can be used for record video from an external source. Danman got a Pavo M9, and managed to successfully hack it to stream the HDMI input to the network using VLC and ffmpeg.

Tronsmart Pavos M9 Board (Click to Enlarge)
Tronsmart Pavos M9 Board (Click to Enlarge)

One of his first task was to check out the hardware, and while the board has a different name (HDMI_4K_V1.2 vs MSO9810D1R-TF-V1.2), the board layout appears identical to Zidoo X9 board, so the instructions below should also work on Zidoo’s device.

After doing some tests with VLC server on a Linux computer and running ffmpeg for Android in M9, as well as analyzing the recording app (ZidooRecorder.apk), and finding the app’s source code released by Zidoo (with some NDA protected binaries), he try to adapt the app to stream content instead, and called it ZidoStreamer.

Eventually he managed to stream videos by running VLC on the computer as follows:

starting recording with the recording app using TS container and H.264 codec, and running the following command in the TV box:

It works, but this is not 100% user-friendly, and not optimal as you still need storage to stream data. So works in not completed yet, and his plans are to:

create an app which will be able to start recording without that binary (it should be possible according to some tests I did), set different bitrates/resolutions, omit the recording to file (use just fifo file to avoid flash memory speed bottleneck and limited size – done some successful tests, just need to fix bugs) and allow different output stream types, e.g. rtmp, udp mpegts unicast, tcp mpegts unicast, rtp etc. (this all can be handled by ffmpeg, just needs to be correctly setup).

That’s the plan, and he welcomes others to join/help him. You can find more details on his blog post.

Via HackADay.

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14 Replies to “How to Stream Video from Zidoo X9 / Tronsmart Pavo M9’s HDMI Input”

  1. I wonder why manfucturers don’t include this capability from the start, as it seems a great feature!

    Perhaps this could work on other HDMI input android boxes, especially like the Ugoos UG3+, which has dual boot Linux

    I’ve been looking at tvheadend as a diy solution for my aging Slingbox ProHd (SB300-100). There’s quite a bit of activity on it:

  2. Hi:
    I come from zidoo team, we have this function, and it could do this function without to storage to stream data, it can directly streaming out via the network . if who want this code, pls contact me.

  3. @mirror
    Hi Mirror
    Would you be kind and help me to stream live video from the HDMI IN of Zidoo X9s to a network device on the same local networl. Thanks

  4. Do I need to do manual Port Forwarding in the Router of the network in order to be able to stream live video from HDMI IN of Zidoo x9s to other devices of the same network?

  5. @Mike
    For me I have to use mac address to bind ip because if not udp unicast didn’t work. Now it is working. Trendnet 1750 ac dd-wrt. I can stream at 20M over wireless. Use Danman zidoostreamer.

  6. Here are the numbers of my router. I am using Netgear router.
    Internal IP address of Zidoo X9S:
    When I use Broadcast: Unicast, Zidoo X9S shows the following on the TV:
    IP:, Port:7878

    My Question: What should I enter in the browser of my PC (on the same local network)?
    Should I do Port Forwarding on the router, and what service should I use?


  7. The ip address in zidoo unicast must be the same of the pc you want to watch the stream. In pc you can use vlc or kodi to open the stream… Ffmpg must be install. I use you can join in.

  8. Thank you Serge Bolduc for your help.
    I am still missing something. I haven’t succeeded yet to broadcast live video from HDMI IN of Zidoo X9S to a PC on the same network.

    On Zidoo X9S: I used Unicast with IP: and Port: 7878 where is the local IP address of the Zidoo X9S device –> Output: udp://@

    On the PC, I used VLC –> Open Network Stream –> Stream –> udp –> address: –> Port:7878 –>Select profile: MPEG-TS –>Stream
    On VLC, I used address: or //, but with no luck.

  9. @cnxsoft
    I tried udp://@ in VLC, Also, I tried udp://@ in VLC. It gave me an error in VLC (VLC can’t be opened.

    I tried the link with Multicast, It worked with VLC on a PC, but I have to reduce BitRate in HDMI IN
    to 1M (instead of 10M). The received video is still bad quality).
    The VLC app on Android device doesn’t work. It needs another app.

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