Remix OS 2.0 for PC Will Run on Most Intel and AMD Computers

Remix OS is a fork of Android developed by Jide and optimized for desktop use, in a similar way to what Rockchip is doing with Light Biz OS, except the developers do not limit themselves to one specific SoC vendor with the operating system found in Remix Mini (Allwinner A64), and Remix Ultra-tablet (Nvidia Tegra 4), as well as several firmware images for popular Android devices such as Nexus 9 & 10. Now the company is planning to release Remix OS 2.0 for Intel and AMD based computer including PCs and Macs.

Remix_OS_Windows_LaptopHow do they achieved that? Technically same way as Console OS by forking Android-x86 project, except they did it with less contention, and instead Jide partnered with Android-x86 developers.

Remix OS for PCs alpha is a version of Remix OS 2.0 based on Android 5.0 with the taskbar, multiple windows, better memory management (it will try not to kill your Word file open in the background…), etc. The Play Store is also installed to let you install Android apps just like on any Android device. The company ran Antutu on a laptop with an Intel  Core i7 4590 quad core processor which achieved 214,218 points or over twice as fast as a high-end mobile device such as a Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Remix_OS_for_PC_AntutuYou’ll be able to try Remix OS for PC starting on January 12,when it will available for download, by flashing the image to a USB flash drive, and booting from it. Remix OS for PC is free, and the company plans to keep it that way, instead making money buy either selling hardware or partnering with third parties.

As a side note, Remix OS 2.0 Beta was also released for Tronsmart Vega S95 Meta and Telos earlier today. You can find all details here.

Via Liliputing

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16 Replies to “Remix OS 2.0 for PC Will Run on Most Intel and AMD Computers”

  1. Twice the i7? Wow… The i7 sucks! I didn’t know mobile SoCs were anywhere near 4 times less the i7 CPUs let alone 2 times less… That’s amazingly good for the mobiles and remarkably bad for Intel.

    I’m really surprised. I was sure it will take 12 month for ARM to issue a good laptop and will require a new SoC… I didn’t know they can do it with existing, in the market, designs. Crazy…

  2. Not exactly a fair fight, is it? makes more sense to pit ARM device against ARM device rather than X86 vs ARM. I could always compare S805 vs Intel i3 and find that the i3 wins.. it doesn’t make it equivalent. Regardless of OS.

  3. Well you have to keep in mind a couple of things:

    1. Antutu binaries are compiled for ARM I think so on x86 they’ll probably run using Intel’s libhoudini which translates ARM binaries intro x86 code but is of course not as fast as when running on the real HW.

    2. Besides CPU speed Antutu also measures other things including the GPU and Intel doesn’t really put a lot of punch into its GPUs.

    3. Android-x86 may not be as well optimized for performance as the custom Android ROM that manufaturers put on their devices and which sometimes even cheap when detecting Antutu.

    4. Antutu itself might reach a limit where it’s no longer accurate because no one was probably expecting such powerful hardware to be thrown at it for some time … probably at least 2-3 years till smrtphone CPU can do what even an i5 can now ( let alone an i7 ).

    Not trying to defend Intel here, I’m not that big of a fan.

    If you want to compare performance you can compare the i5 or i7 to Intel’s own Atom SOCs which are below the top performing ARM hardware.

  4. Also if they use Antutu 5.x, the benchmark will usually give higher score for octacore processors compared to quad core ones. It would be interesting to see the details. I’m still expecting the Core i5 or i7 to have much faster single core integer / float-point performance, and not just 2 to 3 times faster.

  5. @Marius Cirsta
    There’s been lots of x86 Android devices around for the last several years (sadly). Any app that uses the NDK should include x86, or get around to it eventually (I’ve seen it in the changelog of some apps).

    Looking at the APK of Antutu 6 on my tablet, I see ‘’ for ARMv7-A, ARMv8-A, x86, and x86_64. So they have everything except MIPS, which is the real minority architecture on Android.

  6. For me it is a very interesting projekt, to use a USB3-Stick with remix OS on a x86 Intel or AMD PC.
    But dit “OK GOOGLE” speach recognition work on it, and NTFS-Harddrives??
    I´m looking for an total silent but performant TV-media-center with aktual Android (they said on the CES2016:
    remix OS will go to an continuously updated System)

  7. @RK
    of course this is not the truth. I’m in an equilibrium in relation to arm and intel, so may consider myself not biased to any side, but let’s be honest – by now intel’s processors smoke all arm totally in performance, even old Pentiums from early 2000ths overcome easily the newest arms (in the internet there are so many evidence of thuis, of the real world use scenarios, not some synthetic tests, like for example comparing performance of old x86 PC and the newest arm board as a http server with the same sets of software (lamp stack), where people are coming up desperately with quesstions like – my old pentium as a web server is so many times faster than my new shiny arm board supposed to be a super server competitor of intel… how this can be the case?… and so on). your conclusions are very hasty. this is all about some very rough android fork. I can imagine this one is a whole mess internally, some awful hybrid with mobile orientation at beginning, turned to serve the desktop environment. well, if you put some equally developed performance measurer at the both platforms, you know – i7 just will crush arm into dust, be sure. so no, x86 doesn’t suck, this is only immature phantasies of arm fans/intel haters. let’s face it, intel x86 is the fastest cpu architecture and implementation of it by now and long time already, it is faster than arm/mips/ppc/sparc. 🙂 (only intel’s/hp’s itanium could be faster if they didn’t screw it up, 🙁 but again this is the intel’s beast.) 🙂

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