Sub $100 Remix OS Laptops Powered by Allwinner A64 Processor Are Coming Our Way

Remix OS is a fork of Android making the popular operating system more suitable for desktop use with a start-up menu, better handling of multi-tasking, multi-window support, etc… It’s found in several tablets and TV boxes including Jide’s own Remix mini. But Charbax has showcased a few Remix OS laptop prototypes based on Allwinner A64 processor, with the video apparently shot from Allwinner office.

Remix_OS_LaptopThe first model is a white 11.6″ laptop (1366×768) with Allwinner A64 quad core Cortex A53 processor, looking quite similar to Olimex DIY laptop prototype also based on A64, with 1 to 2GB RAM, 8GB to 32GB flash, and a “nice keyboard and touchpad”.

The second model is based on the hardware, except the screen is larger (14.1″). It features HDMI output, two USB 2.0 ports, a micro SD slot, and a 3.5mm audio jack. Those two models are expected to sell between $80 and $100 depending on the final specs such as battery capacity, and overall build quality.

They don’t come with a touchscreen though, so they’ve come with a third 11.6″ 2-in-1 model with a touchscreen, and either Allwinner A64 or  Allwinner A83T octa-core processor that should be cost less than $100.

Those are probably reference designs, so the exact price will depend on the manufacturers themselves, and it’s also unclear when they’ll ship. Charbax also mentions that the Allwinner A64 Remix OS laptops may be crowdfunded later on.

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24 Replies to “Sub $100 Remix OS Laptops Powered by Allwinner A64 Processor Are Coming Our Way”

  1. These specs are simply too low. Android with the remix additions needs at least 2GB in order to operate well, and 1GB machine will barely work. Too bad that they start with under powered device

  2. @onebir
    Likely pretty good. Olimex laptop will run Linux, and Pine A64 board is based on the same processor too.

    But there’s still a question mark for WiFi, and possibly the display itself.

  3. I don’t care neither about android nor linux, but I am welcoming those guys have made an arm laptop! It’s really interesting, just an ordinary laptop form factored PC but with arm processor. not locked down, not “mobile”, hybrid or whatever. intruding into the PC market, this is what is needed for arm to compete with x86. I was waiting arm to appear on PC horizon a long time. If arm is going to be competitive with x86, it must be able to run on a laptop, desktop, workstation. this market will never dissapear, no matter what are saying those near “industry” media parrots.

    And personally for me such a laptop would be a very convinient place to work with aa64. Because using a laptop for this is way easier and more fun than messing around with an ott box.

  4. @Jean Dassi Fongang
    We should be having $50 Laptops fully usable for all the world’s children and adults by now. It’s nice how Remix OS and Phoenix OS make Android usable for work, for productivity. I am confident and hopeful that Google will support this with Android 7. Multi-window and keyboard/mouse optimization needs to be a priority for all the important Android apps, just as gamepad optimization also needs to be a priority for all important Android game.

  5. This is going to be a wait and see project but don’t think they should crowd fund it as you need to ease the market in to Android for work, for school etc and past being a mobile platform at least in the US. “Just work and be efficient” is what’s needed, 2g RAM min 32/64 g ROM at least I can’t imagine my remix mini operating at lower, and workarounds are becoming long in the tooth for Android. Seem less operation means wifi or 3g dongle capability. Might as well just be an actions semi mid otherwise to add to the pile.

  6. @Charbax
    Both A64 and A83T are limited to 1366×768 pixels when using LVDS. Do you have an idea how much more such laptops would cost if displays with a reasonable resolution and coating (not that glossy) would be used and MIPI DSI (1920×1200 max.) instead?

  7. @Jay
    SSD without having SATA or PCIe (M.2) is not a good idea (can be seen on some developer boards that waste one USB port for ultra slow USB-to-SATA bridges). So you’re left with SDIO and while A64 could use also the high speed modes I doubt we’ll see this in cheap hardware ever. Therefore ‘internal’ storage expansion limited to SD cards and sequential transfer speeds will max out at 22-23MB/s or USB solutions necessary.

  8. @tkaiser
    Thats right; atm such resolution and coating are too expensive. Only when ordered in very large quantities, the price would become acceptable in this class of devices.

  9. @Charbax

    Can you ask Allwinner next time why they depend they business model on Remix OS which is derivative system to Android made by small company where one move from Google with Android configuration parameter will block remix os from working. What logic they use to build they strategy plan ?

    Those laptops should run under linux. This will make them usefull for many purposes, with this crappy remix os without future and community backend it’s just interesting proof of concept without any value for ME as customer. As Allwinner and other chinesse manufactures don’t provide customer support post sales i would like to count on community in this situation.

    Sorry Allwinner this concept is interesting but with Remix OS it’s a crap.

  10. I think the main point is a faster SoC, WiFi, USB 3.0+, SATA, M.2 and a least HD resolution, that the Allwinner A64 doesnt have. So not a good idea .But i do think having dual boot OS its the choice , i do really believe Remix or Pheonix with a companion Linux or Window is good to go for the mass, or maybe someone can port Chromo OS, i heard some teenager is trying in rasberry .So what happen with Allwinner, does not have a high end SoC for 2016-2017, nothing from them, somebody know something

  11. i’m wondering, what are the limitations of Remix OS, installation wise.

    Could it be installed on “any android box”, for example any or some of those cheap android tv boxes ?

  12. something cheap like this but with a z3735f/x5 z8300 would be great for around 100$

    those chips are pretty cheap nowdays, so im sure they could be fitted in a 100$ pricepoint.
    and they would be much more usable, given the x86 arch

  13. I do not want to cut your euphoria 🙂 but think realistic.
    The same company sells now retail for $69 their Remix Android mini PC with same processor and this is not the cheapest one mini PC on the market, there are tons of other Android mini PCs with same or exceeding parameter for less.
    Please think about how they will add 11.6″ LCD, keyboard, touch pad, bunch of plastics, bigger processor board, 6000-8000mAh battery and the price will be $79? Who believe this? The Nicolas video even have title laptop for $59 🙂 we all know what is this – he make buzz to attract people to view his video. We have news! circulating all around the web. I expect someone to steal this idea and soon we are going to see next video with buzz title “laptop for $9” and small text “with $120 shipping”.
    Working on similar project for 6 months and sourcing different components, I can tell you that you can’t get just *first grade* LCD with good viewing angle, visible at sunlight + real 8000 mAh battery for this price.

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