Alps Electric Smart Mouse Would Let Your Employer Monitor Your Stress Level

Work and life in general can be very stressful, and a Japanese company called Alps Electric wants to enable employers to monitor their staff mental stress level using a mouse that includes a “near-infrared spectroscopic sensor” reporting hemoglobin level, oxygen saturation and pulse, as well as an environmental sensor for temperature, humidity, etc… data.

Stress_Level_Mouse_640pxThere’s no special way to use the mouse, and the end-user would just control the mouse normally. with all data apparently sent to a centralized system. The mouse  was demonstrated at Medtec Japan 2016, on April 20 to 22 in Tokyo.

The sensor development is scheduled to end by Q1 2017, with samples shipping in the spring of 2017. There will certainly be ethical questions raised: Is that a welcome addition to the workplace to help employer better take care of their health, or a step too far and an invasion of privacy?

Via Nikkei Technology Online

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What could be MORE stressful than a mouse that spies on you for your boss? This is a stupid idea.


Could be good for personal use but it is an awful idea to be controlled by your boss or company. Probably illegal in many countries.

Shahe Ansar

I think this is a pretty good idea, I don’t know why everybody’s freaking out, c’mon, it’s only your heartbeat, and haemoglobin count, what’s so “private” about it??


Wait until they announce their new e-suppository product line.