Phonoclipper PT-300 Plays Vinyl Discs, Records them to MP3 on USB Drives or SD Cards

If you are old wise enough to have a vinyl record collection, a Japanese company called Bearmax (or Kumazaki-aim in Japanese), has designed Phonoclipper PT-300 vinyl disc player and recorder that may make you want to listen your old songs again, or digitize them to MP3.

Vinyl_USB_RecorderPT-300 is powered by four AA batteries or 5V via USB, consumes about 3 watts, and output audio to a single 3W speaker, but you can also connect better speakers via two RCA audio connector. The top of the device features a small display, and control buttons. The vinyl drive system plays discs at 33 rpm or 45 rpm, and uses a sapphire needle. You can convert your vinyl records to MP3 files @ 128 Kbps on the SD cards (up to 8GB) or USB driver using the port on the side.

The device measures 290 x 115 x 95 mm, and weights 950 grams.

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The device is sold in Japan for 8,800 yen ($82 US) + VAT. People who can read Japanese will find many more details and the user’s manual on PT-300 product page.

Via EddyLab and AV Watch

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6 Replies to “Phonoclipper PT-300 Plays Vinyl Discs, Records them to MP3 on USB Drives or SD Cards”

  1. And there’s me thinking “Vinyl” had replaced Mp3 according to all good news outlets and some bad ones too. Mp3 is soooo last year, Vinyl is the new black………..and Mp3, Where’s the 96/24 option….pffffing rubbish!!!

  2. Please use AAC or Opus (or FLAC for lossless) and just let MP3 die. It’s a terrible format with many problems and should not be used by new products.

  3. Similar Chinese models for vinyl & audio cassettes have been around for a while, though I think they need to be connected by USB to operate.

  4. “The vinyl drive system plays discs at 33 rpm or 45 rpm”

    So no good for faster 78 rpm “classics” then.

    According to eBay

    “The selling of 78 RPM records has become so common on eBay that it’s a buyers’ market, …”

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