Broadlink MP1 is a $20 WiFi Power Strip with 4 Independent Sockets

There are plenty of WiFi sockets going around such as Broadlink SP2 or Kankun KK-SP3, but in some cases it might be both more convenient and cheaper to get a WiFi power strip, and Broadlink MP1 offers just that with 4 sockets that can be controlled and programmed (timer) independently, and sold for just $19.88 on Banggood.

Broadlink_MP1Broadlink MP1 specifications:

  • Connectivity – 802.11b/g/n WiFi, controllable over 3G/4G with smartphone
  • 4 multi-standard (EU/US/AU, but not UK) sockets
  • Power input – 10A/250V (max)
  • Power output – 10A/250V (max)
  • Rated power – 2000W Total
  • Misc – Power button
  • Dimensions –  254mm x 60mm x 32mm; 50cm sockets spacing; cord Length – 1.5m with AU plug (Adapter provided for other countries)
  • Weight – 450g

The power strip can be controlled via Broadlink ihc (Intelligent Hone Control) app available for Android and iOS, which lets you independently manually turn on or off or set timers for each sockets. You can also use IFTTT to control the sockets, but it may require Broadlink SC1 “housekeeper”.  There does not seem to be an easy way to control the power strip with a computer.


The strip is also sold for around $25 and up on Aliexpress, GeekBuying and GearBest [Update: Now $19.78 promo]. It’s been around for a few months already, but I have not found any hacks yet, and could not find the processor used in the strip. However I know it’s likely not running OpenWrt and there’s no SSH access. Reading further, I did find another model, Broadlink MP2, with 3 power sockets, and 3 USB ports that’s said to be based on a Mediatek solution, and sold for $27.59.

More information can be found on Broadlink MP1 and MP2 pages (in Chinese only).

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21 Replies to “Broadlink MP1 is a $20 WiFi Power Strip with 4 Independent Sockets”

  1. And this is clearly not certified for use outside of China. That’s a Chinese socket, not Australian, as you’re not allowed to sell multi-plugs like this in Australia, or most other countries for that matter.
    I’d be really concerned about the electrical safety of something like this, especially considering the cost.
    Also, note that the max load is 2000W, yet they claim 10A/250V, which should be 2500W…

  2. Yep. There are versions of ‘multisockets’ that take a UK standard 13A square-pin plug, and you often see them in hotels. They aren’t legal in the UK (well you may be able to buy ‘travel adaptors’ that use them) as they seldom meet the safety specs for ‘shuttering’ – as all UK 13A sockets need to have shutters to stop screwdrivers, small children’s fingers etc. getting in. (Historically they were opened by the longer earth pin, though some have a mechanism that detects simultaneous live and neutral pins instead)

    I’m always very nervous about the electrical safety of stuff like this. Even cheap wall-wart PSUs concern me sometimes…

  3. I would love for something like this but with current transformers (for measuring power) per socket. Basically per socket power meter with wifi access.

    I would connect all my devices, tv, computers etc and then get nice statistics about power usage.

    Unfortunately no one made such thing. Even 1 socket version :-/

  4. Using UK adapaters would be just stupid and impractical. No earth on a power strip is asking for trouble. I wouldn’t mind using an adapater on a single socket because even an adapter would earth (if its a non-Chinese one ofcourse).

  5. I Lol’d hard reading the marketing “saftey” claims, Chinese really care about UK safety regulations don’t they now? Bigclive should do a breakdown on this.

  6. The MP2 doesn’t support independent control of each socket (as taken from google translate of the product page).
    If it supported 3d party software and had separate control of each socket, would be useful.

  7. I used to have Ubiquity mpower and didn’t like it.
    Its boot time is abysmal and the time it takes to switch a socket on and off is rather long.
    kk sp3’s are much better in my opinion.

  8. @abc
    You can get the Xiaomi Power Strip which has power metering and also you can search for GWF-S171 which is a 3500W one socket EU version wifi power plug , again with power metering. A US version should also be available.

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