Review of R-Box Pro OTT TV Box with 3GB RAM – Part 1: Unboxing and Teardown

R-Box Pro is just another Amlogic S912 TV box, except it comes with up to 3GB RAM, against 2GB for most other models on the market. Kingnovel sent me a sample with 3GB RAM to check it out, and today I’ll start by taking photos of the devices, and perform a teardown mostly to find out how the 3GB memory design is implemented.

R-Box Pro Unboxing

The retail package is minimal black box with “OTT TV Box Amlogic S912” and “R-Box Pro” markings and Kodi logo. A sticker on the side will also indicate whether you have received to 2GB or 3GB RAM version.r-box-pro-package

The device ships with an IR remote control with learning function, a 5V/2.5A power supply, an HDMI cable, and a user’s manual in English.

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The day I received the sample the top cover looked to have many scratches, but after removing the plastic film on the top it will look as new.

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One side has two USB 2.0 ports and the firmware recovery/reset button, the other side two more USB 2.0 ports, and a micro SD slot, while the rear panel comes with a Gigabit Ethernet port, optical S/PDIF, HDMI 2.0 output, AV output (composite + stereo audio) and the power jack.

R-Box Pro Teardown

Let’s get to the fun part of this post with the teardown. The bottom of the case confirms I got the 3GB DDR3/16GB flash version of R-BOX PRO, but there’s nothing under the rubber pads.

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That means instead I had to take out the top cover that is glued on the top of the case using a flat and sharp tool. An old credit card would also do. You have to work your way slowly around the device to push the glue around in order to remove the top cover.

r-box-pro-teardownBut what do I see on the plastic cover? Some transparent plastic tube? Is it for liquid cooling? Nope… The tube is connected to two LEDs. That looks fun, so I could not resist and had to power the device up…

r-box-pro-led-tubeThat’s pretty, but let loosen the four screws to get a better look at the board.

r-box-pro-plastic-coverAn heatsink covers Amlogic octa-core processor. The top of the board (CZ-S32-V2.1) also features a 16GB Samsung KLMAG2GE4A-A001 eMMC flash, two SpekTek PE025-125 F1622 RAM chips, Pulse H5007NL magnetics and Realtek RTL8211F transceiver for Gigabit Ethernet, as well as Ampak AP6255 wireless module for WiFi 802.11 b/g/n/ac and Bluetooth 4.0.

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The serial console should be accessible through the pin between the two USB ports on the bottom of the photo above. We can loosen three more screws to have a look at the bottom of the board.

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We have two SpekTek PE039-125 TP RAM chips, so I looks like they used two 1GB RAM chips, and two 512 MB chips from the same company (I forgot the name of the company behind “Superman” logo). There’s also a Genesys GL850G USB 2.0 hub, as well as Dioo Microcircuits DIO2133 audio driver. The MAC address prefix (78:C2:C0) looks up to “IEEE Registration Authority”, so it does not seem to have been assigned to any company yet.

Kingnovel provided the box for review, and resellers & distributors can contact the company via their website if they want to purchase the box in quantities. They also appear to sell the device (3GB version) on Amazon US for $90.99, but it can be found on various other website such as GeekBuying,and Aliexpress for $80 and up, and around $66 if you select the 2GB RAM version.

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28 Replies to “Review of R-Box Pro OTT TV Box with 3GB RAM – Part 1: Unboxing and Teardown”

  1. I got the R Box Pro and thought the same thing about the surface scratches on it until I finally realized it’s got a plastic film on it, and it was just an optical illusion. It’s really hard to get off too, you’ll need to use a razor blade and pick at the edge until it starts to come up, but you should have a nice shiny surface once you do.

    I think the box works great so far but the benchmark tests don’t reflect that at all for some reason.

  2. And now I understand why I could find the RAM parts online. The number on the chip does not match the product name.
    I had to use this guide:
    PE025-125 F1622 decoding:
    P – Production
    E – DDR3
    025 – Part matrix -> This should give the exact part number, but the FBGA Matrix is not updated.
    -125 – PC3-12800/DDR3 1600 11-11-11
    F1622 – Not part of the doc…

  3. I am only guessing that most programs are still designed with 1GB devices in mind.

    Even running a software VPN, Security/Antivirus/Fire wall and Kodi, 3GB would hardly be touched as such big memory is not normal on TV box yet ?

  4. What is the part number on the SoC under the heat sink? This seems to be the only S912 supporting 3GB RAM.

  5. Weirdly all Aliexpress listings I’ve seen have it listed as having both S905X SoC and S912 SoC. It says one SoC in one image and another in the next and so on for like 3 other images, also the products specifications say S905X. Did the manufacturer confirm it was S912?

  6. I cancelled my GB order for the R-box due to their excuses on fulfilling order after Aug preorder. Now I see the H96 which is basically the same box has a new version with 3GB/32GB and only 2 usb. Also changed to the normal square box we are used to.

  7. Please !!!!

    I need speed memory ROM and RAM benchmark test for (H96 Pro Plus, CSA93 3GB / 32GB ROM or any other BOX of 3GB RAM / 32GB ROM of the Amlogic S912).

    Please post the video or test site. Mainly the Internal read and write test using the A1 SD BENCH software or any other internal memory and RAM test software.

  8. Somebody of you that know how to setup the Ir remotecontroller to control my tv ,nothing writed in the manual for the R-box pro

  9. @Kurt Berg
    I suppose you talk about the 5 keys at the top of the remote control within the white line.
    Press one the keys on the remote for several seconds until the LED starts flashing, then align the head of the remote with your TV remote, and press the corresponding key on your TV remote control, repeat with the other keys.

  10. cnxsoft :
    @Kurt Berg
    I suppose you talk about the 5 keys at the top of the remote control within the white line.
    Press one the keys on the remote for several seconds until the LED starts flashing, then align the head of the remote with your TV remote, and press the corresponding key on your TV remote control, repeat with the other keys.

    I tryed but i cant get it working can you be more specifik i got “Set -TVin – vol- vol+ Poweron/off ” thx

  11. @Kurt Berg
    Checking closer that remote is slightly different from the others I’ve used. I don’t see any LED light either. I’m guessing you have to press the “Set” key for several several seconds, then for example press the “Vol-” key again, and only then press the “Vol-” key on your remote control, before possibly pressing the set key a short time again. I’m not exactly sure… Just speculating.

  12. @Tom
    the H96pro+ has the same motherboard right down to the 4 usb ports just the Box is missing the cutouts on the one side .

    the ports work just open up the box and cut out the missing ports thats what I did with mine

  13. I pushed a micro SD card into the slot on my android box and it simply disappeared. It is in the box somewhere. How do I get it out. Has this ever happened to anyone else

  14. @Fred MacWilliam
    You can see in the box above that I opened it myself, and i could reassemble it afterwards for the full review.
    The worst that can happen is that you break the top cover. The box would still work, but be ugly…
    However, if you use an old credit card to remove the top cover I think the risk of damaging it is close to zero. and once you’re done you can put it back together. There should still be even glue, but if not you could always had some yourself.

  15. Now about plan B. Will it harm the box to leave the card inside it ? Could it short something ? Am I still able to put a second card in (correctly this time) or would the slot have been damaged by what happened?
    Thanks again

  16. @Fred MacWilliam
    I guess the chances of shorting something are pretty low… However, the micro SD slot is quite close to the eMMC flash chip, so if the micro SD card is loose in the box it could possibly touch other pins. It would be better is the micro SD card was simply stuck between the micro SD slot and the case. In that case, no worries at all.

    You can insert another micro SD card, it should be no problem.

  17. I’m having a problem with the contrast control on mine.

    The first film I watched on Kodi seemed to have extremely high contrast.

    Did a test using the same YouTube video on the R-Box and my Roku. Yep… the contrast is extreme on the R-Box.

    Not seeing a way to adjust it.

    There are contrast/brightness controls in Kodi… but they don’t seem to work, even turned all the way up or down.

  18. My husband bought one from some guy in Florida. Basically it’s a POS. It’s plugged into the wall v. Wi-Fi yet it’s buffering non-stop. He had to send it back to have the sw updated bc he and all his peeps couldn’t get it or theirs to update. And he paid $160 to get some dumb keyboard with and “tech support.”

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