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Webduino Smart ESP8266 Board is Designed to be Programmed via Websocket and Blockly Editor

Webduino Smart board reminds me of Witty ESP8266 board with its RGB LED and photocell sensor, but the design is a little different, and does not come with an extra USB to TTL board, as it’s designed to be programmed over the air using Blockly Editor.

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Webduino Smart specifications:

While Witty board was mostly targeting mainland China market with all documentation in Chinese, Webduino Smart does have some documentation in English, and is made by Banana Pi team (SinoVoIP). The default firmware allows you to program the board through WebSocket and a web-based graphical interface by accessing the board using Webduino Blockly Editor.

You’ll find some Webduino Smart JavaScript samples on github too.

I could not find information about price and availability yet, but eventually the information should be shown in website, where they sell their older Webduino boards, shields, and kit in Taiwan. Banana Pi also have a dedicated forum page, and we should expect them to sell the board worldwide once it’s launched.

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