Need to Program Many ESP8266 Modules? This Wemos D1 mini based Pogo Jig Programming Board Could Be Useful

If you have many ESP8266 modules to flash with your own firmware this may be time-consuming, but Wing Tang Wong’s ESP8266 Pogo Jig Programming Board could greatly streamline the process, as it just hold ESP-12F module in place using pogopins, so you can go through boards quite quickly.

Wemos-ESP-Pogo V1.0 Board – Click to Enlarge

You’ll just need to a Wemos D1 mini board without ESP-12F module to the programming board, and then place your ESP-12F module (or compatible) between the pogopin to program it through Wemos D1 mini’s micro USB port.

The board is not for sale (yet?), but the EAGLE design files can be found on Github, and it should not be difficult to find a company to manufacture a few if you need it.

Via OSH Park’s Blog.

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5 Replies to “Need to Program Many ESP8266 Modules? This Wemos D1 mini based Pogo Jig Programming Board Could Be Useful”

  1. Great, I was fed up with having to build mine out of broken RJ45 connectors, they were unreliable!

  2. @cnxsoft
    Hmmm no, but it’s really awful. I picked one of the ESP12-to-2.54mm adapter PCBs, and soldered some very soft metal connectors that I bent in ‘J’ shape to its ESP pads. I had the idea of reusing the metal connectors from an RJ45 female plug because they’re very long and very soft. The contacts are not that great because the pins are not perfectly aligned, but after a 2 or 3 attempts I usually manage to place the ESP12 between them and to make good contacts. That’s enough to program a few in a row or to develop during the week-end, but nothing more 🙂

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