Buy Raspberry Pi 2 Board for Just $19.50 (Promo)

With the launch of Raspberry Pi 3 last year, there’s been much less interest for the Raspberry Pi 2 board, especially there has not been any official price cut. But Seeed Studio has an interesting promotion right now where the company sells Raspberry Pi 2 board for just $19.50, or $20 off the normal price on their website.

That price does not include shipping, but this can apparently be combined with TENOFFSHIP coupon to bring the total price with shipping to Germany to $21.66. If the same laws are still in place, it’s below the 22 Euros limit in Europe meaning you won’t need to pay for VAT or custom duties on the board. You need to use the coupon before July 31, midnight (GMT+8), so there are only a few hours left.

The main downside is that only 10 are available on backorder with shipping scheduled for August 11.

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12 Replies to “Buy Raspberry Pi 2 Board for Just $19.50 (Promo)”

  1. If that’s the current generation Pi 2B (v1.2) then it’s the version with the same, 64-bit, BCM 2837 SoC as the Pi 3B. (The original BCM2836 SoC used on the Pi 2B has been EoLed, so they re-tooled the board to take the new SoC)

    Though I see the Seed spec says BCM2836 – which is the old SoC. Whether that’s a sign that they are getting rid of their final stock of 2836s, or just a mistake on the spec sheet (i.e. they haven’t updated the specs with the new v1.2 SoC specs) I wouldn’t know.

  2. @Steve
    The BCM2387 variant is silkscreened ‘Raspberry Pi 2 V1.2’ on the PCB and what Seeedstudio shows on the pictures is V1.1 — why bother anyway as @Fossxplorer already pointed out? It’s just another flash sale targeting the clueless.

  3. @tkaiser
    Why clueless ? Rasbperry Pi can be a very appealing choice for some people. Especially if you have your software designed around raspberry pi SoC or have a project that relies on it.

    Just because foundation has bad practices, it doesnt make it a bad product for _everyone_

  4. Shipping to Czech cost 14.72$, which is really expensive, when I read in article that shipping to Germany is 2$

  5. @cnxsoft
    It is costing about £31 – £32.99 pound in UK for RPI 3 B in UK ( Pihut, uk-rs-online ) + postage and tax

    The UK eBay link comes in at £26.49 incl free UK postage

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