Qualcomm Developer’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Qualcomm has many terms like ML (Machine Learning), DL (Deep Learning), CNN (Convolutional Neural Network),  ANN (Artificial Neural Networks), etc.. and is currently made possible via frameworks such as TensorFlow, Caffe2 or ONNX (Open Neural Network Exchange).

If you have not looked into details, all those terms may be confusions, so Qualcomm Developer Network has released a 9-page e-Book entitled “A Developer’s Guide to
Artificial Intelligence (AI)” that gives an overview of all the terms, what they mean, and how they differ.

For example, they explain that a key difference between Machine Learning and Deep Learning is that with ML, the input features of the CNN are determined by humans, while DL requires less human intervention. The book also covers that AI is moving to the edge / on-device for low latency, and better reliability, instead of relying on the cloud.

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It also quickly go through the workflow using Snapdragon NPE SDK with a total of 4 steps including 3 done on your build machine, in cluding training, conversion to DLC (Deep Leaning Container) format, and addition of the NPE runtime to  the app, before the final step, loading and running the model on the target device.

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3 Replies to “Qualcomm Developer’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence (AI)”

  1. They want full name & Email to get the book, which will certainly come with SPAM for the rest of your life. The good thing is that they’re dumb about where they send the email. So just use a disposable Email account like “10 Minute Mail” (Google it).

    As for the “eBook” itself, it’s not a book. It’s just nine (9) pages long – sigh. Hardly worth the effort to download if you know even the basics of popular AI terminology. I think this an information harvesting scheme by some nasty marketing youngsters at Qualcomm.

  2. I think this an information harvesting scheme by some nasty marketing youngsters at Qualcomm.

    It teaches everything you need to know about AI by example.

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