OKW Body Case is an IP65/IP67 Enclosure for Wearables & IoT Projects

You may have worked on a battery powered wearable or IoT projects, and the hardware and software are mostly ready, but you’ve yet to find a good way to package it to make it easily wearable, and protect it from the elements.

OKW body case could be one way, as it can be used around your arm like a wrist watch, as a key ring attachment, clipped to your trousers or T-shirt, carried  around your neck.

The case has been moulded in ASA plastic with a high UV protection, includes a TPV sealing ring to ensure IP65/IP67 water & dust proofness, and is assembled with four stainless stell screws using a Torx drive. The company provides two sizes (Large: 55 x 46 x 17 mm, or Medium: 50 x 41 x 16 mm) and claims easy operation with the help of push buttons or touchscreens, although I’d assume water / dust resistance goes out of the window if any of those two are used.

The top part can be made with or without recessed surface for the protection of a label, or membrane keyboard. Optional accessories include a wrist strap, fastening kit such as a clip or eyelet, and others. Some potential applications could be CO gas monitor, Dr Call button, eEntry access and security controls,a GPS tracking system, and more.

Price starts at 7.65 GBP (~$10.40) for the M case, which you can buy through the product page together with optional accessories. If you’d rather get another design or something a bit bigger, you an also check their older Minitec and Ergo-case.

Thanks to theguyuk for the tip.

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6 Replies to “OKW Body Case is an IP65/IP67 Enclosure for Wearables & IoT Projects”

  1. There is a big problem finding good cases for IoT products. It is also my case, I have an IoT product but is very hard to produce a case. I don’t want to spend 50k just for molding when I want to produce 1000pcs for beginning. There are a lot of IoT boards, platforms but if you want to release it you need a big investment.

    Anyone, other nice cases?

  2. @Catalin

    OKW will also, if you have sufficient volume, or have enough up-front funding, produce custom variants of their cases. It may not be as expensive as you think to have custom cases made, if you’re willing to accept some compromises on materials used and complex features.

  3. @Catalin, 3D print or mill a form for clamshell or similar then employ vacuum molding. For small to medium runs vacuum forming is easier and far cheaper than making and fitting injection molds. Silicone gaskets are easy to die-cut, mold or cast.

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