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Sony SPRESENSE Arduino Compatible GNSS + Audio IoT Board To Sell for $50 (in Japan)

Last year,  we covered Sony Spritzer, an Arduino compatible with a Sony hexa-core Arm Cortex-M4F micro-controller, a built-in GNSS receiver, and an audio codec.

The product page for this product is now gone, but it appears Sony only renamed it to SPRESENSE, made some design modifications, and is ready to launch the main board for 5,500 JPY (~$50), and the extension board for an extra 3,500 JPY ($32) on July 31, 2018.

Main board (left) and Expansion board (right) – Click to Enlarge

Sony SPRESENSE main board (CXD5602PWBMAIN1) specifications:

Sony SPRESENSE expansion board (CXD5602PWBEXT1) specifications:

There’s also a special connector to insert the main board.

Software can be developed using the Arduino IDE or the Eclipse IDE, and the board allows for the development of systems for diverse applications, including drones, smart speakers, sensing cameras and other IoT devices.

The developer page is pretty bare right now, but if interested, you can register your email to get notified of availability of the board and resources.

Via Time4EE

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