Raspberry Pi 3 based Retro Arcade Game Console Sells for under $250

When it comes to retro-gaming for the Raspberry Pi 3 board, there’s no lack of option with firmware like RetroPie or Lakka,  a few off-the-self accessories like USB or Bluetooth gamepad, a an HDMI monitor, you can get started in no time.

However, if you want to make a retro arcade game console, it may take some more efforts, as you’d normally have have to design the case yourself, source the buttons and controls, the display, extra electronics and so on. But the “DIY classic retro arcade game console” based on Raspberry Pi 3 board currently sold on Banggood for $247.99 should make things much easier, as it’s supposed to be plug and play, while still offering the option to add or remove games, and mess around with the hardware if you wish to.

Raspberry Pi 3 Retro Arcade Game Console
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Banggood did not provide the full technical details, but here’s what we know about the specifications:

  • Based on Raspberry Pi 3 board (included)
  • Display – HD LCD screen
  • Connectivity – WiFi and Bluetooth, 10/100M Ethernet
  • Controls – Rocker, 6x red buttons, 2x blue buttons
  • USB – 4x USB port to add more control devices with up to 4 people playing at the same time
  • Audio – Speaker, rotary button for volume control
  • Misc – On/off buttons
  • Power Supply – Yes…
  • Dimensions – 26 x 25  x 32 cm (acrylic case)

The console comes with about 8000 classic games pre-installed, and ships with a power adapter and cord, and a male to male USB cable.

DIY Arcade Game Console Raspberry Pi
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The view from the back of the device shows it should be easy to open, and if you find the Raspberry Pi 3 board to be a bit too slow for your need, you could easily replace it with a faster board. The other boards for display and volume control appear to be off-the-shelf part with the part number clearly marked, so it may be easier to find resources if you have troubles while working with another board. Beside Banggood, I could also find the game console on Aliexpress for $236.50 plus shipping, but with the latter pretty expensive to my country.

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9 Replies to “Raspberry Pi 3 based Retro Arcade Game Console Sells for under $250”

    1. Unscrupulous scum without a doubt. News sites should not post content that drive traffic to these things.

      1. One COULD make the same statement about Libretro, etc.

        The GPL prohibits them from this sort of licensing. HOW many of their “cores” are under that license? Oh, wait…

        If libretro touches **ANY** of them, it becomes GPL licensed out of BOX. So…let’s dial this back a smidge, please?

      2. Now, having said this, I agree that it’s pretty damn shady all the same.

        I’ll bet you that they don’t have ANY of the GPLed code made available.

    2. If thwy are pirating games, why wouldn’t they pirate software? I sincerely doubt they licensed 8000 games. Why should we care about one license and not the others?

  1. Google Bartók arcade console and you will many of these devices at even higher prices. Using arm or PC .

    Get yourself a Bluetooth and use it with a 2gb TV box connected to a TV. Not as flash but costs less. Just look for emulators in app store, if you get stuff read a few game emulator forums.

    Nintendo has been kicking off against emulators and ROMs recently



    Wonder if they will have a go at all those Pi arcade sellers?


  2. The Pimoroni PiCade kit looks like it was at least partially the inspiration behind this : https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/picade

    This has been around for a while and they appear to have a new display so it’s back in stock. I’d far rather support them – even though it’s a kit. They also do a version without the display for use with your own TVl.

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