TopJoy Falcon Mini Laptop Features an Intel Pentium N5000 Processor, an 8″ Display (Crowdfunding)

UMPC’s (Ultra Mobile PC) or mini laptops have made a sort of comeback in recent years with products such as GPD Pocket 2 mini laptop or One Mix Yoga pocket laptop. Those products come with a low power Intel processor running Windows 10, and a 7″ display, and compact keyboard.

TopJoy Falcon is another upcoming mini laptop that should deliver performance right between the Atom x5-Z8350 processor found in One Mix Yoga and the more powerful Core m3-7y30 powering the GPD device with an Intel Pentium Silver N5000 Gemini Lake processor. The device looks similar to its competitor, except it also comes with a larger 8″ display, and as a consequence a slightly larger keyboard.

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TopJoy Falcon specifications:

  • SoC – Intel Pentium Silver N5000 quad core “Gemini Lake” processor @ 1.10 / 2.7 GHz (Turbo) with Intel UHD graphics 605; 6W TDP
  • System Memory – 8GB RAM
  • Storage – 256GB SSD
  • Display – 8″  IPS touchscreen display with 1920 x 1200 resolution, a 360-degree hinge
  • Video Output – micro HDMI output
  • Audio – 3.5mm headphone jack, built-in speaker and microphone
  • USB – USB Type-A port, USB Type-C port
  • QWERTY keyboard + optical touch sensor placed in the middle of a split space bar, and left and right mouse buttons underneath.
  • Battery – 6,000 mAh battery that is said to offer up to 8 hours of battery life Power Supply – 12V/3A
  • Dimensions & Weight – TBD
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The Windows 10 mini laptop will be launched in October (in about 56 days at the time of writing) via a crowdfunding campaign. The retail price is said to be $699, but the first 100 backers will have the opportunity to pledge $399, or a discount of $300, once the campaign launches. Since the number of rewards are limited, the company offers interested backers to pay $10 to reserve their $300 discount on the product page. At first, I found this to be a bit dodgy, but it’s optional, and if interested you could register your interest, and wait until the campaign starts to make your pledge.

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3 Replies to “TopJoy Falcon Mini Laptop Features an Intel Pentium N5000 Processor, an 8″ Display (Crowdfunding)”

  1. Small screen, high price
    I still have my 10 inch Samsung NC10 laptop “Netbook” (I think 350 USD or so) somewhere, and I already considered that size as crampy.

  2. The problem with these mini laptops is whether they’re small enough to be truly portable, which either means pocket sized (even cargo pants pockets) or handbag sized.

    If they’re too small they’re likely to compete with mobile phones possibly used with a bluetooth keyboard. Or the Planet Gemini clamshell phone with keyboard.

    So I feel there’s a sweet spot for mini laptops, and this one is too big.

  3. I just don’t get the $10 reservation fee. What is the point? A mailing list, sure, but why a fee to “reserve” one’s spot to get discount? Very suspicious, as in, no way. They are saying the savings only applies to the first 100 backers, so they are really just trying to generate $1,000 with this reservation scheme. This is not a well thought out marketing move, as it just creates suspicion.

    Also, I agree with Paul M, there is a sweet spot in terms of size for these devices, and this one is just too big. The 8″ screen is not so bad, but the weight is at 650g which is significantly more than the One Mix 2 Yoga (515g), GPD Pocket 2 (467g), and Planet Gemini (320g).

    It’s really great to see this form factor return, from the original Jornada, Mobilepro, and Sony Viao P. I used several Mobilepros over the years and at 79% key size I could touch type around 70wpm. It was an essential note-taker for me in grad school, and I really miss the portability. I’m taking a look at the new flock of PDA/UMPC/Palmtops noted above, and will discuss with Santa in a few months.

    I’ve written up more thoughts on this form factor I call “Octavo” for the print medium physical print size.

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