Genmitsu CNC 3018-PRO CNC Router Review – Part 1: Build & First Etches

Sainsmart 3018 CNC Router ReviewHey Karl here. Today we are going to look at something a little different. I am writing about my experiences with building Genmitsu 3018 CNC router upgraded version provided by Sainsmart for this review. While waiting on the unit to arrive I did some research and found that there are several different versions on the market labeled CNC xxxx. The xxxx represent the build volume in the x and y. So the one I was sent has a 300x180mm build volume. The 3018 is called upgraded because the new mounting for the X and Y rods and lead screws.

Sainsmart 3018 CNC Router Old version
Old Version

On the previous version these had to be mounted and manually aligned which from what I read can be a pain.

Building Genmitsu CNC 3018-PRO CNC Router

The build went very well. The 3018 user manual was mostly pictures but they called out anything that might be questionable. I had been talking about the CNC/engraver with my kids and they were excited to help build one evening after school. It took us about 1.5 hours to build and I was only able to keep their attention for about half the time. We put it together on our carport on a rug… my back wishes it was at the workbench. I normally put together in my shop but wanted them involved. I am a little above average height and my workbench is at my standing height in my shop so opted for the floor. I had three issues were I had to redo but all were my fault and easy to fix. I just didn’t pay attention to detail. I bet I could easily put it together by myself in about an hour under better circumstances. I did record the build but found it not very interesting and useful to share.

One thing to note. I did find a ball bearing in the box but can’t confirm it was from this kit. Everything seems tight and no slop in movement.

First Etches with CNC 3018-PRO

CNC-3018-PRO CNC Router Etching Samples
Experimenting All were provided except skull and sword – Click to Enlarge

The kit came with a mini CD but I skipped using it and downloaded the documents and software from Sainsmart wiki. It has a digital copy of the instructions as well as some windows software and drivers and some gcode for testing. I connected the printer to my PC… I didn’t have to use the provided drivers…then loaded the example gcode. Before starting I positioned the bit at the bottom left hand corner with the tip barely touching. I set X, Y, and Z to 0 home position in the software. Then hit run. I etched the Sainsmart logo on a piece of acrylic with very little effort. My first pass wasn’t perfect, the s and a only partially showed. I am not sure if it is uneven bed or the acrylic was uneven. I started again and it was fine. While using the CNC router, I realized if that happens again I can just go down to 0 height then go 0.1mm lower and zero only the Z and start again if I have only partially etched something. I etched the rest of the examples with very little effort. I am doing just simple etches right now to get a feel for speeds and feeds. I think I have been very conservative. 600mm/min feed and 120mm/min plunge at .5mm depth per pass.

Windows and USB

Sainsmart CNC Router Etch Samples
Click to Enlarge

I really don’t think that a Windows machine is best suited to send gcode. I was using an old laptop that had Windows 10 on it. I had some issues with timing out when the screen turning off. The spindle would just stop until I moved the trackpad. I am sure there is a windows setting other then don’t turn off the screen while plugged in but wanted to go straight to a permanent solution. On one instance my battery drained and surprisingly when I plugged it back into mains power the etch resumed like nothing happened. I also had some issues with the provided cable. After a long period of time my laptop would loose connection. I have a tiny 3” mini USB cable that I used without issue. But It is really hard to use a cable like this with a bulky laptop. I found a web based app that I installed on a Raspberry Pi called CNCjs that is working pretty well for me. I did try the CNC plugin for Octoprint but without success.

G-Code CNC Router Raspberry Pi CNCjs
CNCjs running on Raspberry Pi board – Click to Enlarge

1 gripe

As you can see above I had some issues with the Dr Pepper logo. All of them were due to these grub screws coming out. I wish some threadlock was included. No matter how hard I tightened the grub screws they came loose. I couldn’t get enough torque on them. I had some m4 that I put in temporarily until I get some. I would leave but it reduces the build volume.

CNC Router Loose Screws

Random things

There is a very simple board provided. I did not have to adjust the stepper drivers so far. No missed steps but again I have been conservative. There is also a connector for a laser which could be interesting to explore. Grbl 1.1f is pre-loaded. I started with an older Raspberry PI to host CNCjs but 3+ is superior as far as speed goes. I recently purchased an infrared thermometer and so far everything is running cool, and nothing was over 40c.

CNC Router Board Raspberry Pi 3

24V/4.75A Power AdapterTesting and Wrap Up

So this is part 1 and initial testing and build. I want to test milling some pcb’s and have some blank pcb’s on the way from Amazon as well as some square end mills. I will test some hardwood lumber as well. I hope to get some carbon fiber sheets and finally test the dimensional accuracy. I might try an engraving on metal but I really don’t think the 3018 is up for any cutting. I have barely touched the surface and only done simple cuts. I still need to learn Fusion 360 cam. I used easel to generate the custom gcode. I tried a simple toolpath in fusion 360, but need to spend more time on it. There is a lot to it and need more time to master. If you have any tests you want to see leave a comment below or a project idea. I will record some cuts and fusion work.

Big thank you to Sainsmart for providing the 3018 to test and review, and to Gearbest for sending the Raspberry Pi 3B.

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33 Replies to “Genmitsu CNC 3018-PRO CNC Router Review – Part 1: Build & First Etches”

    1. I got the same kit but from another supplier, “grub screws coming out” is my major issue. I ordered my kit with an CNC spindle without laser engraver as i already got a K10 CO2 laser.

      Have only done acrylic, PCB and wood cutting/drilling/engraving so far. ALU is up next, based on eariler experiance it should be no issue at all. feedrate/coolant/cut depth is critical as well as getting a ALU alloy that is CNC frinendly.

      Got my machine about a year ago, came with an dated gbrl version, have to use a old version of bCNC as everything else just screams “grbl too old”. Will reflash when i get time.. any year now..

      1. Good to know. Thank you for the feedback….maybe there is hope for some aluminum…..on a side note i just cut some 2020 aluminum extrusion on a chop saw made for wood and it was easy so i think there is hope for aluminum.

      2. To secure screws that come loose use Loctite thread glue, the BLUE bottles NOT the red! I loctite all nuts bolts etc in vibrating machines like small engines etc, they can still be undone easily but wont vibrate loose.

  1. I’m running the “old” 3018 and I drive the spindle with 36V and it now finally is able to cut stuff properly. I also use CNCjs and it works great.

    1. So you just changed over to a 36v power supply with the same board and used the barrel connection to get faster spindle speeds?

  2. i just received my CNC 3018-Pro. This is my 1st time Attempting at this, so please bare with me. I got it all set up & attempted my 1st test run & it was a total FLOP. Everything works, well almost everything words. It seems that the spindle moves left & right properly but no movement to go front & Back. It will only engrave left to right. Can you help & tell me what I possibly did wrong? Thank-you in advance

  3. Is there any example you can share as a walk through in setting up control to perform etch. I think that is the biggest, I have it put together but on clear instructions on use with software for first-time user. Any help with settings would great

  4. Do you have to change the machine settings on easel to generate the gcode? I just got my 3018 and the software that came with it isn’t noob friendly

  5. Hi Karl, I own the same 3018-pro but with the raspberry 3 and any available cnc software, I can connect to the woodpecker board, but I am not able to move any of the steppers. GRBL is 1.1, which is coming back in the terminal. G28.1 to set the new homing is not answering with a ‚ok‘ message.

    I have downloaded the raspi image from

    Is there something I have to change here?

    Regards Michael
    …from Germany

      1. The best I have used is Cambam. Try it you may find it better than inkscape which I find limited for routing.
        Also use camodics for free gcodes applicable to grbl .

  6. Hola a todos, me compre el 3018 cnc y no lo llegue a usar. Hace 2 días que estoy tratando de solucionar este problema.
    Todos los motores dejaron de funcionar. Estaba realizando los ajustes fino del esqueleto hasta que no pude más.
    Probé cambiando de puertos y de todo lo que he visto en Internet pero no encuentro una solución. Se habrá quemado la placa?

    1. I ran this through Google translate. Sounds like steppers have stopped. Maybe check the power supply

  7. Is there a way to spin a pen blank on this CNC. Some folks are making jigs for the smaller engravers that spin the blank as it is being engraved. Is there a way to do this with this machine? It would be wonderful to have a laser on this model and engravings would only be limited by your imagination. I see that their is a laser available, just need a jig!

    1. Not enough Z axis travel for one to fit. Unless you can fab one yourself in micro size. With just engraving pens it could be possible. Don’t believe you will find a ready built and ready to go for the 3018.

  8. I’m a silver smith and have very little experience with cnc machines, that being said I use Vetric cut2d software for design and it has an output platform but gives me 50 g code types to output in, for example, x-carve (mm)(*.gcode) do you know what file format to output for the 3018 pro cnc ? Thanks

  9. Hello.
    I acquired this machine, but did not find any document that describes the pins.
    I’m mainly looking for the pins dedicated to z probe.
    Do you have any idea where can I find this kind of information?

  10. Hi, just recently purchased a SainSmart Genmitsu CNC Router 3018-PRO with milling attachment. I want to purchase a laser module to use on powder coated aluminium , wood etc and was wondering if I could attach a 12 or 15w laser instead of the 5.5w?

  11. 1st time with a cnc and also computer. Kind of illiterate on computers. Im going to give it a go anyway. Any advice or? Much appreciated. Thanks and have a great day.

  12. I purchased the CNC3-3018 PRO but I have a Mac Pro. Are there downloadable drivers for macOS Catalina? Thank you for your help

  13. Hello, I purchased a 3018 pro router, but it does not have any software. how can I get software to do scroll work and letters. Thanks.

  14. I purchased the Genmitsu 3020 Pro Max and was wondering what the best software solution would be to make simple phenolic labels for electrical equipment?

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