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STLink-V3 Modular Debugger & Programmer for STM32/STM8 Adds I2C, SPI, CAN Interfaces

STLink is the in-circuit debugger and programmer for STMicro STM32 and STM8 micro-control working with SWIM and JTAG/SWD interfaces. ST Microelectronics has now introduced STLink-V3 which also provides a Virtual COM port interface allowing the host PC to communicate with the target microcontroller through one UART, as well as bridge interfaces (SPI, I2C, CAN, GPIOs) which can be used for programming of the target through the bootloader for example.

Key features of STLink V3 debugger:

The company also highlights the modularity of the new debugger which can be expanded via additional modules such as the adapter board. You’ll find more technical details and software tools for STLink V3 on the product page, where you’ll also find a link to purchase the debugger for $35.

One of CNX Software readers already purchased one, and shared a few pictures giving a better look at the kit content and internal design.

Click to Enlarge
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You’ll also find lsusb output here. One downside is that STLink-V3 is not compatible with STLink-V2 so open source tools such as OpenOCD and stm8prog do not support it just yet. While the kit supports USB-I2C/SPI/CAN interface, and STMicro promises a host software API to allow target programming through SPI/I2C/CAN, it does not appear to have been released so far.

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