Hailstorm Device Scaling Program To Enable Netflix Support on Amlogic and HiSilicon TV Boxes

If you’ve ever bought a random TV box you may have found out Netflix does not always work optimally, for example, HD or 4K UHD may not be available due to the lack of DRM, and/or Netflix certification even if you’re paying extra for the service.

So you need to make sure you get a certified device and there aren’t that many. But thanks to Netflix Hailstorm – a program aiming at scaling the number of device officially supporting Netflix – we should see more and more TV box running Android TV with full Netflix support.

Netflix Hailstorm Partners
Image Source: Android TV Rumors

I found about the Hailstorm program via an Amlogic press release, but the photo above shows some TV boxes based on HiSilicon processors will also be supported, and TV boxes manufacturers such as SDMC, Skyworth, and Himedia have joined the program.

Amlogic explains they have now achieved pre-certification for its Android TV set top box (STB) reference solutions, and various Asia-Pacific (APAC) operators have expressed interest in their TV boxes solutions compliant with Netflix Hailstorm program. Amlogic offers three Netflix Android TV solutions:

  • Amlogic S905X Android TV 4K OTT STB
  • Amlogic S805X Android TV 2K OTT STB
  • Amlogic S805X Android TV 2K OTT Dongle

The company showcased them in the last few days at the APAC Android TV Summit 2018, taking place on Nov. 13-15, 2018 at the Berkeley Hotel Pratunam in Bangkok, Thailand. SDMC was also there to exhibit their 4K STB for Netflix Hailstorm Program, and other TV boxes. It’s still unclear when those will be available for sale, and how consumers will be able to find out which box is part of Hailstorm program.

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