Huawei Launches 2U 4-node Taishan X6000 V2 Server with Kunpeng 920 Arm Processor

Back in January, Huawei announced Kunpeng 920 64-core Armv8 server processor as well as three Tianshan servers based on the SoC.

But a recent tweet from James Lin, Vice director, Center of HPC, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, claims Huawei launched a 2U 4-node “Taishan” server with  Kunpeng 920 (Hi1620) Arm chip a few days ago.

Kunpeng 920 Server Taishan X6000 V2
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That probably means Huawei is now ready to take orders for their new Arm servers. The server pictured above appears to be Taishan X6000 V2 with the following specifications:

  • Form Factor – 2U, 4Node high-density server
  • Server Nodes – Up to 4 XR320 servers with X6000 universal chassis or 4 XA320 V2 servers with X6000 super chassis
  • Power Supply Units
    • 2x 1,500W enhanced hot-swappable AC PSUs for XR320 server nodes
    • 2x 3,000W hot-swappable AC PSUs for XA320 V2 server nodes supporting 1+1 redundancy
  • Power Supply – 100V to 240V AC; 24V DC
  • Fan Modules – 4 hot-swappable fan modules in N+1 redundancy
  • Dimensions (H x W x D)
    • Universal chassis – 86.1 x 436 x 805 mm
    • Super chassis – 86.1 x 436 x 819 mm
  • Operating Temperature – 5ºC to 35ºC
  • Certifications – CE, CCC, and RoHS

Huawei claims Kunpeng 920 CPU scores a SPECint over 930, or 25% higher than the previous record, and the server node accommodates up to 10,240 cores per rack and, with the company’s all-liquid cooling solution, achieves 30% higher data center PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness).

Kunpeng 920 32/48/64-core processor Beside the 64-core version of the processor clocked at  2.6GHz or 3.0 GHz, 32-/48-core version will also be provided with clocks up to 2.6 GHz.

You’ll find more details in Taishan V2 datasheet with not-only Taishan X6000 2U 4-node high-density server, but also Taishan 5280 V2 4U two socket storage server, and Taishan 2280 V2 2U 2-socket balanced server. I could not find pricing for X6000 V2 server, but the previous Hisilicon Hi1616 (Kunpeng 916) based X6000 sever sells for around $25,000 without memory nor storage.


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9 Replies to “Huawei Launches 2U 4-node Taishan X6000 V2 Server with Kunpeng 920 Arm Processor”

      1. That’s not going to be the actual price. It says “custom configuration” in the listing which means that the listing is just there so you contact the vendor.

    1. They sell Xeon Platinums to vendors for around ~$10K a pop. I’m sure they are really worried about Chinese machines that almost no one can buy.

        1. A whole 20% of the Chinese X86 market that presumably is 90%+ buying chips from Intel. TL;DR; Intel won already.

          1. I’m sure a 20% loss on the chinese market will look like a huge win on intel’s fiscal results.. How old are you, again?

          2. You’re assuming that Huawei’s 20% of the incumbent X86 market directly translates to that 20% of the X86 market moving to Huawei’s ARM64 platform. I think deep down somewhere in your heart you know that’s not that case. Even if Huawei market this stuff as a direct replacement for their X86 stuff the actual conversion rate is not going to be 100%. It will probably be far far less.

            Shops with a ton of X86 stuff that’s working are not going to suddenly deploy a totally different platform when they need more hardware. Just look at all of the “ARM in the datacenter” vendors that have tried for the last decade to make it happen and have given up.
            The niche for this Huawei gear will probably be alongside a rack full of their backdoored telco kit and not generic metal.

            It’s possible Intel are worried about a big partner like Huawei offering alternatives to their Intel based machines but with Huawei apparently consuming so many Intel parts it’s not like Intel has no choice but to develop a competing product like you think. They can just adjust the price-breaks they give Huawei and screw up their server business before their homegrown stuff makes up any significant portion of it.

            Again Blu. Someone that acts like a rabid fanboy screaming about how the C64 is superior because of the distinct sound of the SID chip or whatever should not be trying to claim that people are children, jokers and so on.

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