Atomic Pi SBC is back with pre-orders on Amazon and Ameridroid

Atomic Pi single board board is probably the SBC with the best performance / value ratio on the market, so when we reported that Atomic Pi was available worldwide last month the 6,000 pieces available quickly ran out of stock.

Many people suspect it was a limited product run from a previous project, and indeed Atomic Pi is most likely AAEON MF-001 board that was designed for Kuri robot designed for the now-defunct Mayfield Robotics. But we have some good news as Atomic Pi SBC does not appear to be a one-off sales getting rid of stock as it’s now back for pre-order on Amazon US and Ameridroid with shipping scheduled for the end of May.

ATOMIC PiI won’t go through the whole specifications again but with an Intel Atom x5-Z8350 quad core processor, 2GB RAM, and 16GB flash, Atomic Pi board has hardware far more powerful than the similarly priced Raspberry Pi. The company provides Ubuntu and Debian images for the board, but being an Intel x86 platform you could also install Windows 10 if you wish.

It’s much bigger however, and since it was designed for a robotics project the board did not have end users in mind which means powering it up is a little challenging unless you purchase either the Baby Breakout for Atomic Pi ($3.95) or Large Breakout Board for Atomic Pi ($15.95) offered on Ameridroid as option, and to be used with a 5V/2.4A power supply with a 2.5mm power barrel jack.

Atomic Pi Breakout Board
Baby (top) and Large (bottom) breakout board for Atomic Pi

Both breakout boards are used to easily power the board through a standard power supply, but the large breakout board also provides large screw terminal I/Os, a prototyping area, a USB<->TTL debug connector, as well as footprints for an Arduino Nano board.

If you purchase from Ameridroid, you can save a few dollars, and help CNX Software, by using one of the following coupons:

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