Sonoff MINI & R3 Smart Switches Support a DIY REST API

ITEAD Studio’s Sonoff are low-cost wireless switches based on ESP8622/ESP8285 WiSoC, and supporting WiFi and/or 433 MHz connectivity. They usually come with a firmware that allows users to control them with eWelink app for Android or iOS. But many people will install alternative open source firmware such as Sonoff-Tasmota or ESPurna to get more flexibility such as the ability to use MQTT.

But the company’s latest models, including Sonoff MINI and R3 series, implement a “DIY” REST API that allows you to control the device, or flash the firmware over a LAN connection.

Sonoff MINI two-way Smart Switch

Sonoff MINI is designed to be installed behind existing wall-mounted light-switches and wall-mounted power-sockets.


  • Terminal blocks with 6x inputs/outputs:
    • N/L Inputs –  AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 10A Max
    • N/L Outputs – AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 10A Max
    • S1/S2 – Designed to optionally connect a standard on/off switch
  • Connectivity – Wi-Fi 4 – 802.11 b/g/n @ 2.4GHz; external wire-antenna
  • Dimensions – 42.6X42.6X20mm (Material: PC V0)

Sonoff mini still works with eWeLink app, Google Assistant and/or Amazon Alexa voice services, like its predecessor such as Sonoff Basic, but as mentioned above it also supports a DIY mode (REST API) that should allow developers to integrate MINI into third-party open source smart home control system such as Home Assistant, openHAB, ioBroker, etc…

Wiring with or without external On/Off switch

Sonoff MINI is sold for $8.90 plus shipping on ITEAD Studio store.

Sonoff R3Basic and RFR3


  • Terminal blocks with 2x inputs for Neutral and Live, and 2x outputs
  • Max Current – 10A
  • Max Power –  2200W
  • Input/Output Voltage – AC 100-240V
  • Connectivity
    • WiFi 4 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz
    • Sonoff RFR3 only – 433.92MHz radio
  • Dimensions – 91x43x25 mm (Material: PC V0)

Sonoff BasicR3 is a simpler device since it does not support connection to an external On/Off switch and Sonoff RFR3 is similar but adds support for 433 MHz remote control.

Software-wise, both support the same features as Sonoff MINI with eWelink app and the DIY REST API. You’ll find the tools and documentation for the latter on Github.

Sonoff BasicR3 sells for $4.85 only, while Sonoff RFR3 goes for $7.20,  and you may consider adding $4.50 for a 4-button RF remote control. You’ll also find quick and user guide on the respective pages.

Thanks to Andreas for the tip.

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11 Replies to “Sonoff MINI & R3 Smart Switches Support a DIY REST API”

  1. The question is, can I disable the eWelink functionality. I don’t want to send my settings to the cloud or have it remotely controllable.
    E.g. currently if someone hacks the servers used by eWelink they could obtain info on my settings and maybe even control my device.
    I’d rather control it only though the rest api (running over a VPN tunnel or at least using SSL and only allow access from authorised devices. (then again the rest api might allow an easy upgrade without serial to upgrade to Tasmota).

    1. I think most regulars of this site will be intending to flash it straightaway and wouldn’t touch eWelink with a bargepole.

  2. So in theory no soldering required to get your firmware on there.

    Anyone have an idea of shipping costs direct from ITEAD? I’m used to ordering Sonoff devices via BG.

      1. Thanks, I just found ITEAD have an ‘estimator’ (in the cart) where you can just select country and enter blah for city and zip and it comes to around $9. Sadly BG are selling for $9.90 vs $7.20 … However the SugarCandyMountain (link in the left column here) hits the sweet spot.

        1. I could not find this SugarCandyMountain link ,but banggood tells it is 7.49 and I’ve been told that with the coupon “elec” on checkout the price will be reduced to $ 6.74 (didn’t try the coupon myself)

          1. Sorry I meant right column, and it was a reference to Aliexpress. Are you referring to Sonoff RFR3 ($7.20 at ITEAD)?

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