$23 Sonoff 4CH Pro 4-Channels WiFi & RF Switch Ships in a DIN Rail Enclosure

ITEAD Studio’s Sonoff family is a collection of really useful and inexpensive home automation devices which have been featured multiple times on CNX Software with either to stock firmware and eWelink app, or open source firmware developed by the community. I’m using a Sonoff TH16 to control a water pump, a Sonoff Pow to monitor my office’s power consumption, and Karl used some Sonoff switches to control his lights at home. The company has now launched Sonoff 4CH Pro with 4 relays that can be controlled with buttons on the unit, WiFi, or RF remote controls, and comes in a DIN Rail enclosure.

Sonoff 4CH Pro switch specifications:

  • Connectivity – ESP8266 WiFi module and 433 MHz receiver
  • Relays – 4x HUIKE 230V/10A relays (max 2200W per relays) with NC and NO connection
  • Configuration –  K5 & S6 switch for mode selection; K6 switch for time selection (0.5 to 4s)
  • Misc – 4x user button to turn on/off the relays, 4x LED for relay status, 1x WiFi LED; unpopulated header to program ESP8266 module
  • Power Supply – 5 to 24VDC via power barrel or 90 to 250VAC via “push buttons” terminal block

The board comes pre-loaded with a default firmware working with eWelink app for Android and iOS. The company explain there are three modes of operation which can be controlled with K5, K6 and S6 switches for each relay:

  • Self-locking mode – Each relay can be turn on and off independently.
  • Interlock mode – Only one of the relay can be turned on at a given time. For example if R1 is on, and your press R2 to turn it on, R1 will automatically turn off
  • Inching mode – A button press on the unit, mobile app, or RF/WiFi remote control will turn on the relay for X seconds as defined by K6 “delay” switch. This could be useful for locking mechanisms.

You can select modes per relay, for example R1 and R2 set to self-locking mode, and R3 and R4 to interlock mode. The company also explains you can connect two AC or DC motors using two relays per motor with only one motor controllable at a given time.

The device also supports on/off timer, and works with Alexa and Nest. Eventually, there could be open source firmware for Sonoff 4CH Pro with projects like ESPurna or Sonoff-Tasmota, since the company included the header to update the firmware as the did in their previous models.

Sonoff 4CH Pro is not available right now, but is still listed for $22.90 on ITEAD Studio website, and you can register your email to get informed when the product launched. Note that the RF remote is not included, and if you need it you can purchase it for $4.50 plus shipping.

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10 Replies to “$23 Sonoff 4CH Pro 4-Channels WiFi & RF Switch Ships in a DIN Rail Enclosure”

  1. Hi, is it possible to control it directly with HTTP requests ? I don’t want proprietary tool/app to manage it !

  2. It’s really not expensive, especially if I consider the time it took me to install an ESP8266 into a programmable plug to turn it into a wifi relay, and the time to develop a bit of software with very basic security. The only thing is that the miniature switching power supply inside will fail first, with leaking capacitors. For that level of power and the room available, they could probably have used a very small old-school transformer and an LM317 lasting much more than 3 years.

  3. Wifi does not work trough concrete walls. I did build with 12 usd a wired 8 relay smart box by using Arduino nano. It is for controlling lights in our house and I take it in use when GE ElfaLogic breaks.

  4. jasbir :
    I would hesitate before purchasing, see comments about the SONOFF TH16 product recall. https://www.itead.cc/blog/sonoff-th16-and-pow-recall-notice

    Well, you should acknowledge their openness. There’s not that many vendors who would post photos of their products failing in such a dangerous way. So I think you can trust them to have seriously addressed the problem to avoid posting such embarrassing photos again.

    1. After so many complains. They admitted.

      But the question was how to get a fixed model.
      Tou had to return the defected on and they shipped back. No free shipping label ?.

      I bought 16 sonoff devices and flash with my own firmware.

      I would say. Do your own risk. If they said 15 amp supported. You need to subtract 25 to 30% of 15amp for your safety.

      For me:
      The trusted esp switch was from home depot eco plug that was on clearance after christmas last year.
      The relay quality is very solid and the device is legally sold in US.
      I converted to fakewemo that can be controlled via alexa?.

      Good luck

  5. Again, and as mentioned on SONOFF forums, until the relay is limited to 10A, it’s useless. Today, you should push up to 16A or even 32A, having a product fitting on DIN rails with 10A lead to nothing.

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