Wainlux K6 & Alfawise C50 Mini Laser Engravers Offered for $130 and Up

A few days ago I saw Wainlux K6 “most compact, powerful and simple-to-use” laser engraver on Kickstarter for about $159. I did not think too much of it at the time, but this morning I thought it already showed up for pre-order on GearBest for $129.99 as Alfawise C50. But I was mistaken, as both products are different, albeit sharing some of the same attributes.

Nevertheless, this brought back my curiosity about these types of devices, especially with Wainlux K6 having already managed to raise over $200,000 from close to 1,400 backers so far. So let’s look at both.

Wainlux K6 Laser Engraver

Key features and specifications:

  • Laser Source – OSRAM Semiconductor blue color laser
  • Laser Power – Up to 3,000 mW, 100 adjustable levels of power
  • Engraving area – 8 x 8 cm
  • Routing Speed – 1500 mm/min maximum
  • Resolution – 508 dpi adjustable
  • Lifetime Estimation – 10,000 hours
  • Supported materials – Paper-board, fabric, wood, leather, felt, plastic, bamboo, rubber, acrylic, metal spray, paint, cookies, etc…
  • Continuous working time – Up to 8 hours without overheating
  • Host Connectivity – WiFi or USB
  • Misc – D-Pad like button on top to control the machine
  • Power Input – AC 110-220V, 47-63Hz
  • Weight – 900 grams
  • Materials: ABS + Aluminum alloy
Various example of laser engraving with Wainlux K6

Wainlux K6 can be controller by your smartphone over WiFi with iOS 10+ or Android 4.4+, as well as computers and laptops running Microsoft Windows or Mac OS over USB or WiFi. All you need to do is to load a photo in JPEG/ JPG/ PNG/ BMP and the engraving starts. Based on info provided by the company, it looks like there’s no app to install on the phone, but as soon as you connect to the laser engraver WiFi access point, a shortcut will be installed to let you start.

If you’d like to go ahead and pledge for one of the remaining rewards, you should expect your Wainlux K6 laser engraver to ship in September 2020. It’s their third model after K2 and K4, so hopefully, there won’t be any issues.

AlfaWise C50 Mini Laser Engraver

Alfawise C50 mini laser engraver has a similar cubic design and green protective glass, but specifications are not quite as good as the ones for Wainlux K6:

  • Laser Source – OSRAM laser chip
  • Laser Power – Up to 1,600 mW
  • Engraving area – 10 x 9 cm
  • Resolution – 508 dpi adjustable
  • Lifetime Estimation – 10,000 hours
  • Supported materials – “Multi-material” including wood, paper products, bamboo, leather, plastic, ceramics, “oxide or lacquer of metal”
  • Host Connectivity – WiFi
  • Misc – One key to repeat engraving, G-Sensor to detect fall or collision and stop operation
  • Power Supply –  5V/2A or 12V/2A
  • Dimensions – 24 x 24 x 17.40 cm (package)
  • Weight – 900 grams
  • Materials – ABS + Aluminum alloy
Mini laser engraving machine app for iPhone – Click to Enlarge

The device is support for work in Windows, Android, or iOS. I could only find the “Mini laser engraving machine” app on the Apple store, however.  It’s unclear where/when the Android app and Windows program will be available. The device firmware can also be upgraded through the app.

Alfawise C50 does not look so bad actually with the main differences being the laser power and the lack of USB port. It’s also unclear whether it can print on all materials supported by Wainlux K6. Alfawise C50 should start shipping a bit earlier than its competitor as Gearbest plans to start shipping on August 6.

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